Keone Pearson Blackstone Labs

Keone Pearson and Blackstone Labs go their separate ways.

Keone Pearson has officially ended his working relationship with his main sponsor Blackstone Labs.

In a short message on his official Instagram page, Keane ‘The Prodigy’ Pearson has confirmed that he is no longer affiliated with Blackstone Labs.

He also confirmed that he is not being prepped by PJ Braun, the owner of Blackstone Labs.

Keone went on to thank Blackstone Labs for their support when he competed at the New York Pro, Arnold Classic and at the Olympia in 2019.

Keone reveals that the reason for the relationship to end was that they had different beliefs and they believe in two different things.

PJ has been supporting Keone from the beginning of his career, guiding him from his amateur days to becoming one of the top Classic Physique athletes in the world.

PJ gives his response to the situation:

Parting ways.

“A very sad time, but one I must accept. I will cherish our times always and loved every minute of coaching and working together! I’ve never been closer to another male athlete and I expected it to be for life but my actions have caused a divide and he has made his decision and I support him. He will go very far in bodybuilding and I will always love him just as I know he will always love me. Thanks for the great times”- PJ Braun

With Keone’s almost perfect proportions and PJ’s guidance, they would have continued climbing the ladder of success.

Unfortunately not all things last forever and in the sport of bodybuilding, this is a common situation.

Keone is still very young and has a great future ahead of him in the sport of bodybuilding.

He has a fantastic debut year in the Classic Physique division in 2019. With his success, Keone has decided to move up to the 212 division.

Meanwhile, PJ Braun has had a lot of success with Blackstone Labs and he should not have a problem teaming up with another star athlete.

Contest History

Georgia Championships – NPC, Classic A, 1st

Junior USA – NPC, Classic A, 1st

Tampa Pro Championships – IFBB, Classic, 2nd

Arnold Classic – IFBB, Classic, 4th
New York Pro Championships – IFBB, Classic, 1st
Olympia – IFBB, Classic, 4th