I will walk again Flex Wheeler

“I will walk again” – Flex Wheeler.

Bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler is the perfect example of a man that does not give up.

Flex has had to overcome numerous obstacles throughout his life with the latest being one of his biggest challenges.

Last November, Flex Wheeler unfortunately had to have his right leg partially amputated.

From that day, Flex made a promise to walk again and inspire people from all over the world to never give up.

In his latest video on his official social media pages, Flex is seen walking very comfortably with his new prosthetic leg.

In his previous videos, Flex can been seen either resting in a wheelchair or walking around with crutches. He has made tremendous progress.

Finally, it looks as Flex found the perfect fit, thanks to Pro Prosthetics Othotics.

Flex has also said that he is trying to get back in the best shape possible for his 55th birthday (August 23, 2020).

This is what Flex had to say about his first real steps:

Every step I take is incredibly painful and extremely rewarding.
I am looking forward to resuming my schedule, traveling globally and inspiring the world.
Now, it’s go time. Time to get back in shape. I have set a goal to be in the best shape possible by my 55th birthday August 23. Join me.
I was built for this.
Thx you Jimmy Colson and Pro Prosthetics – Flex Wheeler 15 June, 2020.

Follow Flex Wheeler’s journey in a special section dedicated to him – Click HERE.

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