Logan Franklin – From Men’s Physique to Classic Physique Champion.

Logan Franklin‘s 2020 New York Pro Classic Physique victory was a special one.

Competing as a pro since 2015, Logan started his professional career as a Men’s Physique competitor.

Climbing the ladder of success steadily, Logan started to achieve great results and Olympia qualification as a Men’s Physique competitor.

In 2019, Logan decided to take the jump and move up to the Men’s Classic Physique division.

The 2019 Arnold Classic, Ohio was to be Logan’s last Men’s Physique competition. He managed to finish in fourth place.

Logan’s next competition would eventually be the 2019 Tampa Pro, but with a difference, he would be stepping on stage as a Classic Physique competitor.

Many have followed the same path, but without great success.

Logan worked in silence and his effort paid off as he managed to place third at his first competition as a Classic Physique competitor.

The Classic Physique division in the NPC/Pro League just got more exciting.

The next step for Logan would eventually step on the  Olympia stage as a Classic Physique competitor.

Logan’s dream would come true in 2020.

The Covid-19 virus did not stop Logan from achieving his goal. Even if he had to drive 2hrs a day to train because of gym closures, Logan remained focused on his goals.

The moment arrived for Logan to step on stage at the prestigious New York Pro, that took place in Florida on 5 September, 2020.

As Logan stepped on stage, it was evident that Logan was on course to win the show.

Logan presented an aesthetic and conditioned physique. His posing was impeccable and his smooth transitions between poses were perfect.

If somebody wanted the perfect example of Classic Physique bodybuilding, Logan Franklin is the answer.

Men’s Physique to Classic Physique

The Classic Physique Bodybuilding division is classic bodybuilding at its best.

The physiques are not mass monsters as their friends in the Open Class and 212 division. If you are a fan of the classic look and poses, especially the vacuum pose, Classic Physique is for you.

Logan and others that made the switch are proof that Men’s Physique athletes train their entire body and don’t skip leg day.

Building world class leg development does not happen over night. Logan is known for publishing photos of his leg development when he was a Men’s Physique competitor.

The bodybuilding world can expect more athletes making the move to the Classic Physique division.

Even when the Men’s Physique athletes are free to pose, they will immediately turn to classic bodybuilding poses, so why not make the move up.

The Men’s Physique division has a place in the bodybuilding world, but if 80% of the athletes train their entire body, the move up is expected.

Logan is the new face of Classic Physique and we can expect him to challenge for the 2020 Classic Physique Olympia title.

Is this a bold prediction by Evolutionofbodybuilding.net? Not really.

The proof is in Logan’s results. Third place at his first Classic Physique show in 2019 and winning the 2020 New York Pro in only his second show in this division.

From now to December, there is ample time for Logan to prepare for the Olympia Weekend.

Top names are expected to represent the Classic Physique division at he 2020 Olympia Weekend. With Logan Franklin in the picture, it seems that the focus has slightly moved away from Canada’s Chris Bumstead and Breon Ashley.

Logan Franklin during his Men’s Physique days.

Logan Franklin – 2020 New York Pro Classic Physique Champion