results Iain Valliere wins

RESULTS: Iain Valliere wins the 2020 New York Pro.

Canada’s Iain Valliere is the last man standing at the New York Pro that took place in Florida.

It’s a very difficult year for show promoters and athletes due to the threat of Covid-19.

The New York Pro had to be moved to a new location in Florida due to less restrictions which enabled the event organizer to produce a great show.

The entire event was also available on streaming for just $19.00.

Iain Valliere managed to win the prestigious New York Pro title after placing second to Hunter Labrada just a few weeks earlier at the Tampa Pro.

Iain was not happy with his result as he believed he could have stepped on stage in better condition in Tampa, but at the New York Pro things would change.

The New York Pro victory is Valliere’s first pro victory.

With this victory, Iain has confirmed his place at the 2020 Mr. Olympia.

This will be Valliere’s second appearance at the 2020 Mr. Olympia. His first time on the Mr. Olympia stage was in 2018, he finished in 14th place.

From 2019 onwards, Iain has managed to place in the top five at every contest he competed in.

Iain must improve on his condition for the Mr. Olympia. After the New York Pro, the biggest criticism was that some athletes that finished behind Iain were in better condition.

The majority of athletes looked in great condition and it was not a easy task for the judges.

Second place went to Justin Rodriguez while fan favorite Jonathan De La Rosa had to settle for third.

De La Rosa trained with Flex Lewis in Florida for the New York Pro to try and get the title that means so much to him.

De La Rosa’s highest placing at this contest was second to Sergio Oliva Jr. in 2017.

Egypt’s Hasan Mostafa who also presented a great physique finished in fourth.

May were shocked with the fifth place finish of Maxx Charles.

It seems the better Maxx looks, the lower he is placed. Maxx looked incredible and probably deserved to be placed higher.

Many were giving a lot of hype to Patrick Moore days leading up to the show. Patrick has a physique that in the very close future has a lot of potential, but when standing next to the other bigger athletes, he seems to lose ground.

Not many can match his classic lines, but in the open bodybuilding division, the classic look does not always win titles. Sixth place was the best Patrick could do.

The contest was run very smoothly with contestants being presented six at at time on stage giving the judges all the time they needed to judge the physiques.

The streaming service was also a valuable addition to the contest. Hopefully, even after the Covid-19 virus restrictions ease all over the world, the streaming option will be continued.

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