Michal Siberian Power Show

Michal Križo Križánek wins the 2021 Siberian Power Show.

Michal Križo Križánek won the top price at the 2021 IFBB Siberian Power Show this weekend in Russia.

Michal was a favorite going into the event and continued to dominate the IFBB Elite Pro League with another important victory.

Competing against some of the top bodybuilders in the world, Michal had some tough competition.

Križo and a number of other IFBB Elite Pro bodybuilders have been in the spotlight going into this event.

The bodybuilding world have now realized that the IFBB Elite Pro League is a federation with the highest standards. The athletes proved this with their fantastic physiques.

Combining size, definition and balance, the finished product was a stage full of athletes showing very few faults.

Ilya Lukovets had to settle for second. Ilya is one of the most consistent athletes in the IFBB Elite Pro League, placing in the top three in the majority of his competitions.

Third spot went to Denis Bazhanov. Denis presented on of the bigger physiques on stage, making it very difficult for the judges to pick their winner.

Stanimir Etov, one of the new boys in the pro division, placed a respectful fourth. Stanimir has a lot of potential with his balanced physique. He will be hard to beat in the near future as he adds more size to his physique.

Aleksei Kuznetsov has a great resume of victories going into this event. Competing against the best of the best is a difficult task. Finishing in fifth is another great result for the Russian champion.

Anton Gerasimov is another new face to the IFBB Elite Pro League. Anton had to settle for sixth place against a very strong lineup.

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RESULTS -2021 Siberian Power Show

Bodybuilding Open

  1. Michal Križo Križánek
  2. Ilya Lukovets
  3. Denis Bazhanov
  4. Stanimir Etov
  5. Aleksei Kuznetsov
  6. Anton Gerasimov

Classic Physique

  1. Adrian Cyronek
  2. Sergey Serechsev
  3. Boris Palovič
  4. Artem Andreev
  5. Andrey Shevtsov
  6. Aleksandr Kudelevich

Bikini Fitness

Yana Smith proved that she is still the top bikini athlete in the IFBB Elite Pro League by taking the top prize.

Full results to be uploaded shortly.

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