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Milos Sarcev – Learning the Secrets of the Pros.

Milos ‘The Mind’ Sarcev is one of the most dedicated trainers in the bodybuilding industry.

Not only is Milos a fantastic trainer/coach but he is a perfectionist when it comes to diet and nutrition.

‘The Mind’ is the perfect nickname for Milos as it perfectly describes him.

Not only is Milos a fantastic trainer/nutritionist, but he is also a professional critic and as well a great historian. He is the perfect person to ask about contests of the past and results.

Approximately 15 years ago, Milos Sarcev released a DVD called ‘Milos Sarcev – Learning the Secrets of the Pro’.

This DVD collection was jammed packed with some of the best bodybuilding tips ever.

With the large amount of educational material available for the amateur or pro bodybuilder on the market, Sarcev’s videos is literally the best one produced.

The video we feature in this article, is the educational portion of the DVD series.

Milos explains in detail everything that has to do with diet and nutrition.

This video is the perfect solution for the amateur and pro bodybuilder that needs to further educate themselves.

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