Milos Sarcev Luke Sandoe

WATCH: Milos Sarcev gives Luke Sandoe valuable posing tips.

*This Article was published in 2019, before Luke Sandoe’s death.

As the 2019 Olympia Weekend gets closer, the top Mr. Olympia competitors are dialing in for this big weekend in the Pro League competition calendar.

Luke Sandoe is on the verge of qualifying for the 2019 Mr. Olympia and he is leaving no stone unturned as he prepares for one of the biggest contests of his career.

Milos Sarcev, one of the best posers in the history of bodybuilding took the time to give some valuable tips to Luke as he prepares for the Olympia.

Milos is the best to make constructive criticism when it comes to posing. He will not shy away from telling the athlete when he is wrong, and at the same time he will compliment the athlete when he is doing things right.

One of the most valuable and important tips Milos gives Luke is regarding abdominal control. Milos continued to emphasize the importance for the Mr. Olympia.

Watch the full video:

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