Milos Sarcev shocks bodybuilding world

Milos Sarcev shocks bodybuilding world with latest photo.

IFBB Pro Milos Sarcev needs no introduction.

At one point he had the record for competing in the most IFBB Pro shows, he has one of the most aesthetic physiques that has ever graced the bodybuilding stage.

Milos deserved much more victories in his long career, but it seemed the judges at the time preferred the massive look compared to the more defined aesthetic physique.

Milos has always been active in the bodybuilding world, organizing seminars and training a number of athletes. After moving back to the USA, Milos has been training a number of top pro’s such as his latest athlete, Sergio Oliva Jr.

Milos is very active on his social media, keeping all his fans up-to-date during shows and when he trains his clients. If one follows the comments, Milos is always bombarded with the big question, “Milos, are you still in shape?”

Well, Milos put all his doubters to rest after publishing a photo at the age of 54.

Milos is still looking in fantastic condition as he is still very active in the gym and he is proof of somebody that practices what he preaches.

This is what Milos had to say:

milossarcev Getting back in shape when you are over 50 is not the easiest thing to do but also neither the hardest. Being that a lot of fans are interested what I look like sending me dms and asking if I can post recent pics and some telling me they are hearing the rumors that I look like I am just about to die 🙄(for whatever reason) I just snapped this picture here in India – to prove that I am not about to kick the bucket anytime soon. 👊🏻💪🏻

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