RESULTS 2021 Pittsburgh Pro

OFFICIAL RESULTS: 2021 Pittsburgh Pro.

Jim Manion’s Pittsburgh Pro took place on 30 April, 2021 at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Pennsylvania.

The top athletes in the industry made it a point to compete at the competition organized by NPC/Pro League President, Jim Manion himself.

This 2021 version of this contest was a special one as it premiered the Wellness division.

With no open class bodybuilding on the schedule, the Men’s Classic Physique division was the highlight of the evening.

The Men’s Classic Physique is becoming one of the most popular divisions on the NPC/Pro League Schedule.

Men’s Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Figure, Bikini and Wellness athletes all made the contest one of the best of the season.

The Classic Physique division was won by Divine Wilson, to win this division, the athlete must present a well balanced physique that highlights the classic bodybuilding look.

Divine presented the perfect physique that would earn him his ticket to the 2021 Olympia Weekend.

Kyron Holden won the Men’s Classic Physique division. Not an easy division to the judge, the athletes all looked in fantastic shape with some presenting a physique that come close to the Classic Physique Division.

Wellness champion, Angela Borges was the favorite going into the show and walked away with her Olympia Weekend qualification. She managed to edge past superstar Yarishna Ayala.

Angela started her career with the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro, establishing herself as the best Wellness athlete in the world. Never being defeated, Angel went on to win multiple IFBB Elite Pro World Championships and numerous Elite Pro events.

This is another example of the high profile athletes climbing the ranks through NPC/Pro League thanks to the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro.

Compared to all the other NPC/Pro League Wellness athletes, Angela stepped on stage already having numerous titles under her belt.

As many are made to believe, the NPC/Pro League discovered Angela, this is far from the truth. Angela moved to the NPC/Pro League to challenge herself to conquer and win more titles, with the aim for the Wellness Olympia.

Maria Luisa Diaz Pereira won the Women’s Figure title. Defeating a difficult line-up of 12 competitors, Maria even managed to defeat star athlete Bojana Vasiljevic who only managed to place fourth. Second place went to Christine Stearns and she was followed by Heather Dees.

Finally the popular Bikini Division was again dominated by Ashley Kaltwasser.

Ashley, as in previous years, dominates the pro circuit, adding more victories to her already impressive resume, which also included three consecutive Bikini Olympia victories.

Already automatically qualified for the Olympia Weekend, Ashley is still a contender to win the Bikini Olympia.

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Top Three for each Division

Classic Physique

1st Place: Divine Wilson
2nd Place: Sabur Favors
3rd Place: Dmitrii Vorotyntsev

Men’s Physique

1st Place: Kyron Holden
2nd Place: Raymont Edmonds
3rd Place: Erin Banks

Wellness Division

1st Place: Angela Borges
2nd Place: Yarishna Ayala
3rd Place: Amanda Rezende

Figure Division

1st Place: Maria Luisa Diaz Pereira
2nd Place: Christine Stearns
3rd Place: Heather Dees

Bikini Division

1st Place: Ashley Kaltwasser
2nd Place: Alessia Facchin
3rd Place: Lauren Dannenmiller

RESULTS 2021 Pittsburgh Pro

RESULTS 2021 Pittsburgh Pro