7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath hernia surgery

7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath hernia surgery

7X Mr. Olympia had to have major surgery on two huge hernia’s immediately after lifting his seventh Olympia title.

The news about this was made through his partner Shurie on her Instagram page. Shurie has been a source of updates on Phil as she is basically the one that lets the bodybuilding world know about Phil’s life off the stage.

The situation for Phil could of been very dangerous according to Shurie. Phil has had problems like this since the age of 2.

According to the doctors, Phil Heath was a day away from intestinal strangulation and this could of been fatal.

As well, Shurie mentions the threats from the bodybuilding world that Phil had after the Olympia.

This is the original post from Shurie:

__mrsheath__During surgery the Doctor found that Phil had two huge hernias. One above his belly button that spread 2 inches wide on each side where his upper intestines were caught within the torn tissue and muscle and a lower abdominal hernia which was apart of his umbilical hernia that he was born with (which was repaired at age 2 and was done horribly wrong) this lower hernia was so bad that it tore from side to side, up and down causing Phil to have a 3 inch hole that was an inch deep and had 4 inches of his small intestines hanging over that hole. The doc was able to push his intestines 5 inches back down into his abdomen and tightened his abdomen together and closed the holes. Doc was shocked that phil was able to live this way. He explained that hernias are genetic and Phil was born with very little tissue covering his abdomen. Doc also explained that phil has been using only half of his abdominal muscles due to his hernia at birth. Phil has been an athlete all of his life and this hernia was a ticking time bomb. He explained that Phil was any day away from a life threatening intestinal strangulation. Doc said his belly button was more visible this year due to the fact that his small intestine was literally inside of it, pushing it forward right underneath the skin. He said out the 20 + thousand hernia repairs he’s done.. this was one of the worst he’s seen. —————————————–
Phil accepts the hate that comes with being a Champion. The reality is… we live in a very troubled world! Phil and I have received so much vile and hateful Dms/ Comments & even death threats bc Phil won. There is no denying that Phil was incredible on stage…bringing one of his most hard and conditioned packages yet! I’m still in shock he was able to do this all while silently in pain and little did we know he was at such risk. ——————————————
I would like to thank all of his true fans and those of you who love the sport of bodybuilding. The positive messages that we received did make Phil smile. He’s 7x MrO but he’s a human being first! To those of you who realized that… THANK YOU!

7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath hernia surgery