Super guru Chad Nicholls released another set of photos that have never been seen before of the great Ronnie Coleman.

It was 2001 when these photo’s were taken just before the 2001 Arnold Classic.

Not only was Ronnie looking amazing, but the contrast of a hardcore gym setting and that physique in the middle is just amazing.

A big thanks to Chad for publishing these fantastic moments of history.

This is what Chad had to say about the photos:

I was going to hold these pics until Thursday, but with the Arnold Sports Festival right around the corner – I just couldn’t wait, since we are just under the 2 week out point – these photos were taken at about the same time. Here are the NEVER before seen pics of Ronnie Coleman taken on February 17, 2001 – exactly 2 weeks before the Arnold Classic.

When Ronnie contacted me right after the 2000 Mr. Olympia, he asked me if I thought we could do the 2001 Arnold, without causing any problems with his 2001 Mr. Olympia prep. At the time I said, “Absolutely” – but that would end up being a mistake and that’s another story for another time. From the get go, I told him, “Let’s see how far we can push your conditioning – let’s don’t focus on weight or size – let’s just push conditioning to the next level!” And, of course, Ronnie said, “Let’s do it!”

It was a very simple plan: Grits, rice, potatoes, steak, chicken – and of course BBQ sauce – that was it! Nothing fancy, just hardcore, old school dieting. What we did end up doing for this diet that was different from before, was continuously change the amounts, based off of his training. We would literally talk, daily. This would give me a feel for how he was feeling, based off his emotions – how he sounded on the phone, how his energy levels were – did he seem upbeat or drained/tired? Then I would get the update on his weight and how his training went for the day. From there, daily, we would constantly change his diet. Carbs would sometimes go as low as 100 grams daily and as high as 500 grams daily. Proteins were more stable – only fluctuating between 400-500 grams. Because he didn’t get too far out of shape and we didn’t push his weight very high after the 2000 Mr. Olympia, his body came around very quickly – so we actually ended up adding in more cheat days during this diet than ever before. Because Ronnie was extremely regimented – even his cheat days were planned out with specific foods and amounts at specific meals.

We pushed his cardio – right off the bat – to 2 hours daily, but we did have to back off this the last 3 weeks of the prep. Even though we pushed the body about as far as it would go during this prep, it was probably one of the easiest preps for us and Ronnie’s strength and energy levels in the gym were maintained basically all the way through his diet. I remember walking in Ronnie’s room bright and early Saturday morning – he was already up and about with everything packed and ready to go. I asked him how he was doing and he responded, “Man, I ain’t never felt this good before a show!” – I knew then we were going to have a good day!

Results of the 2001 Arnold Classic

3 Dennis James
4 King Kamali
5 Dexter Jackson
6 Craig Titus
8 Darrem Charles
9 J.D. Dawodu
10 Garrett Downing
11 Oleg Zhur
12 Aaron Maddron
13 Jason Arntz
14 Stan McCrary