PHOTOS & RESULTS: IFBB Pro Victorian State Championships Australia.

The IFBB Pro Victorian State Championships is taking place this weekend (6 October, 2018) in Australia.

2 Show Format – Pre-Judging and Finals.

Figure: Novice, Masters & Open
Fitness: Open
Women’s Physique: Open
Bikini: First-Timers, Junior, Masters, Novice & Open
Bodybuilding: Junior, Masters, Novice & Open Weight Classes
Classic Physique: Novice & Open
Men’s Physique: First-Timers, Novice & Open

This competition is a Qualifier for Nationals.

Photos and results courtesy of @ifbbproleagueoz


Men’s Bodybuilding Overall Champion
Lucky Hatzipantelis

O /100 Mens Bodybuilding Open
1st: Christian Caldwell
2nd: Adam Rochester

U/100 Men’s Bodybuilding Open
1st: Pantelis Hatzipantelis
2nd: James Ormsby
3rd: Nathan Morris

U/90 Men’s Bodybuilding
1st: Ariel Dencio
2nd: Jacob Spiteri
3rd: Damien Moore

U/80 Men’s Bodybuilding Open
1st: Arash Taghavi
2nd: Brett Scott
3rd: Jonathan Kapouleas

U/70s Men’s Bodybuilding Open
1st: Jason Nakhla
2nd: Constantinos Palmer

Men’s Bodybuilding Novice
1st: Dylan Parisi
2nd: Nathan Falcke
3rd: Demi Koydovski

Men’s Bodybuilding Juniors
1st: Steven Wilhelm
2nd: Huanming Zheng
3rd: Chris Andreou

Men’s Masters Bodybuilding
1st Place: Paul Burich

Men’s Classic Physique Novice
1st: Arash Taghavi
2nd: Kristian Prela
3rd: Yasin Koch

Men’s Classic Physique Open
1st: Steve Pentraris
2nd: Arash Taghavi
3rd: Ranjit Singh

Men’s Physique First Timer
1st: Matt Orchard
2nd: Masovo Paviz
3rd: Paramjeet Singh

Men’s Physique Novice
1st: Yasin Koch
2nd: Matt Orchard
3rd: Jordan Bichler

Men’s Physique Open
1st: Ali Raza
2nd: Tyler Smith
3rd: Yasin Koch

Men’s Classic Physique Overall Champion
Steve Pentaris

Ali Raza

Figure Masters Winner
Bianca Arvanitakis

Figure Novice
1st: Emma Gerard
2nd: Frances Jay
3rd: Sarah Young

Figure Open
1st: Kiki Vhyce
2nd: Jessica Madders
3rd: Frances Jay

Overall Figure Champion
Kiki Vhyce

Women’s Fitness Open
Bridget Baily

Women’s Physique Open
1st: Sarah Alexander

Bikini First Timers
1st: Eve Ameriyan
2nd: Alexa Rogante
3rd: Altemira Schleibe

Bikini Juniors
1st: Sarah Scopelliti
2nd: Shannon Lowe

Bikini Novice
1st: Eve Ameriyan
2nd: Gabriella Tudorin
3rd: Alexa Rogante

Bikini Open
1st: Ebony Murray
2nd: Lina Heinz’s
3rd: Eve Ameriyan

Bikini Overall Champion
Ebony Murray