RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 IFBB Elite Pro - Malta

RESULTS & PHOTOS: 2019 IFBB Elite Pro – Malta.

The second edition of the IFBB Elite Pro Malta took place on 21 April, 2019.

The first edition in 2018 was fantastic and it would take a great effort to make the second better, and it was.

The best IFBB Elite Pro athletes from around the world traveled to sunny Malta to battle each other for qualification at the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

Stars such as Michal Krizanel (IFBB EliteWorld Champion, Arnold Classic Europe Champion), Tomas Kaspar (Arnold Classic and Malta Elite Pro Champion), Sergi Danilets (Champions Classic Physique athlete) and finally the popular Wellness athlete Angela Borges.

The athletes were all in perfect shape and ready for this contest. The second Elite Pro show of the season after the first in Nafplio Greece just a few weeks before.

On stage there was a great battle for the top spots, but off stage it was a family affair with all athletes helping out each other and just enjoying the moment.

Starting of with the Wellness division, the favorite Angela Borges won the show, edging past a deep line-up of 11 beautiful women. It was not a easy task for the judges as every athlete looked fantastic and were all in perfect shape.

Angela’s stage presence and experience gave her a slight edge over all the other competitors.

Classic Physique was also full of excitement. Not much separated these athlete when it came down to the final call.

This division shows what a perfect aesthetic physique looks like when presented as it should be.

The mandatory vacuum pose is a sight to see with these athletes impressing the judges and fans their extreme condition.

Sergi Danilets (Ukraine) was the last man standing after he had a close battle with Sergey Taranukho (Russia) and Marcel Marcin Przyszlak (Poland).

Finally, the highlight of the weekend was the Men’s Open Bodybuilding class. Nine athletes in top condition gave the crowd a great show.

All athletes had great posing routines displaying their conditioned physiques.

Some of these athletes, such as the winner Michal Krizanek even showed the judges and spectators that even a super heavyweight can perform a vacuum pose. Proof that even the biggest bodybuilders can control their mid-section.

Michal looks as he will dominate the 2019 just as he did in 2018.

In only its second, the IFBB Elite Pro League has already created a line-up of athletes that is truly an elite group.

Michal will have to be in top shape if he plans to dominate the 2019 season as rivals such as Kaspar and Italy’s Fabio Petruio are solid contenders.

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