Sergio Oliva Jr

Sergio Oliva Jr. not happy being compared to father on Instagram.

Sergio Oliva Jr. was not happy with a photo posted by Chris Mojo on Instagram.

Chris Mojo posted a photo comparing a young Sergio Oliva Jr. with his father Sergio Oliva doing their signature pose.

Sergio Oliva Jr. immediately posted saying that it is not right posting a photo of him when he was still very young compared to his father that was past his prime.

A number of users answered back explaining that it was just a innocent photo comparing the two and they told Sergio Oliva Jr. to basically take it easy.

This still did not go down well with Sergio and the arguments continued.

What turned out to be a innocent post by Chris Mojo was literally blown out of proportion by Sergio Oliva Jr.

Below are some of the posts that were posted:


  • sergioolivajrOne is of a kid who’s not a pro and the other is a pro who’s retired. These comparisons are so fucking stupid and makes no sense.
  • the1realmojo@sergioolivajr wasn’t really a comparison. Your reaction is unexpected. Just trying to honor ypu and your father, RIP. Don’t worry, I won’t post this again.
  • sergioolivajr@the1realmojo using a pic from me as an amateur and him when he was 50 plus years is disrespectful to both of us
  • lab_rat76@the1realmojo It’s obvious that you meant no disrespect with the photo or comparison but these new generation cats take offense to anything these days, especially pro bodybuilders. Ever since this cat turned pro and won the NY PRO and has gotten a little notoriety his whole attitude went to another level. Not long ago he didn’t have any sponsors and was humble but it’s clear all that shit changes when good things come to some people. He’s actually correct on the disrespect part because comparing him to his father is very disrespectful to his dad. Those are shoes he will never fill or come close to feeling honestly. His dad’s Legacy will be his downfall because people will always compare him to a True Legend and a Piece of the Bodybuilding Foundation. Not ripping @sergioolivajr just calling it like it is honestly. I would just take the pic down because you can’t compare the two.
  • sergioolivajr@lab_rat76 see people like you take something I’m saying that makes sense and twists it so I can be what I already am in your head. The fact you follow me and talk shit like you know me proves you are the only ignorant one. If you fucking read what I said rather than jumping to conclusions you might actually learn something. But I forgot you know everything. I’ll just be over here doing what I say and proving it on stage while you follow others and comment like you will ever be anything other than a wannabe
  • lab_rat76@sergioolivajr And your comment shows how you twist things the way you want Sergio. The only thing I care to be is a father and husband, anything outside of that is past time. What I know of you is what is broadcasted by you or people that have interviewed you. If you don’t want your business in the streets don’t broadcast it. I’m not judging you, who I am to judge any man when I’m going to be judged myself. I got thick skin and if you’re going to continue being a pro bodybuilder you may wanna consider growing some of your own, just keeping it real. Yeah I follow you because I think you have the potential to do alot for the sport but being soft around the edges isn’t going to cut it in this lifestyle. We can go back and forth or whatever but like you said, let your stage time do the walking and talking.