It was a busy night or day, depending where you live regarding bodybuilding news.

The action was not on stage but a battle of words that have hit the boiling point between Shawn Ray and Dallas McCarver. have been following this story closely.

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A few hours after Dallas McCarver went to Facebook explain how he feels about the situation, his major sponsor RedCon1 published a small press release on their official Facebook page stating that they back Dallas 100%.

This was something expected from RedCon1, and as well they went as far as calling all fans to send a email to Steve Blechman to fire Shawn Ray from Muscular Development.

Christian Duque of also had a few words to say about this:

Note from the Editor:

Asking for Muscular Development to fire Shawn Ray is going a bit too far. Nobody can take away what Shawn Ray did in his career, and yes sometimes the way he goes about expressing himself can be a bit hard to hear to certain people, especially who he is referring to.

Shawn Ray had every right to criticize Dallas, as that is his job. He lives bodybuilding and if not with Muscular Development, Shawn will surely find somewhere else to criticize or explain how he feels about something.

Remember, Joe Weider liked him so much that he wanted him to represent all the athletes. Joe saw this in Shawn from the beginning.


Shawn even criticized judges, fought for athlete insurance and other subjects that were in favor of the athlete in the past. But it seems everybody forgets.

Dallas McCarver is a great bodybuilder and Shawn only gave constructive criticism. Shawn has seen many bodybuilders come and go and he competed in the sport when it can be said was at its best.

As well, a supplement company cannot use their financial power to pressure a company to fire their employees. What ever happened to free speech?

Hopefully the situation will be cleared.

Redcon1 wants Shawn Ray fired