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Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to cripple the bodybuilding world

Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to cripple the bodybuilding world. The coronavirus epidemic is causing havoc all over the world and especially in Europe. Populations are on either...

Tweak to become a Freak

Tweak to become a Freak. How to alter 10 common exercises for hyping-up hypertrophy! By Eric “Merlin” Broser Long before I ever put in my first serious...

Dreams come true!! Pedro Barron’s hard work celebrated at Gold’s Gym,...

WATCH: Dreams come true!! Pedro Barron's hard work celebrated at Gold's Gym, Venice. IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Pedro Barron has be recognized for all his hard...

Big Luca 5 weeks out from Cal, new back move and...

Another great video by DAVEMADMAX6. In this edition big Luca 5 weeks out from Cal, new back move and Ask Merlin Monday B Built...
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