WATCH: Dreams come true!! Pedro Barron’s hard work celebrated at Gold’s Gym, Venice.

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Pedro Barron has be recognized for all his hard work at Gold’s Gym, Venice.

Pedro is a regular at Gold’s Gym, Venice. You will find Pedro training for an IFBB Pro show, training his clients or just hanging around.

A very special occasion occurred last week when his mentor Charles Glass was by his side when they put added Pedro’s photo to what can be called Gold’s Gym ‘Wall of Fame’.

Pedro was emotional about this gesture and having the legend Charles Glass next to him made the occasion much more special.

Some comments from his closest friends:

So proud of my friend!!! IFBBPRO, Mr. Mexico, heart of GOLD!!!!! He is on our wall at Golds Venice !!!!! Long overdue, well deserved!!!!!!!! Our walls are for real champions!!!!! Pedro Barron treats everyone with respect, kindness, and is willing to do whatever it takes to reach his goals and help those around him reach their goals. He is an example for all of us around him as he is a huge asset to the sport and everyone here at our gym. If you see him, please go congratulate him. He came here, learned English and suffered hardships. …. but he will always come out on top as the Pit Bull!!!!!!!! Let’s keep our walls filled with REAL winners, PROS, and role models !!!!!!!!!! – Leslie Jonee Weisenberger