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Gregg Valentino confirms that he has throat cancer

WATCH: Gregg Valentino confirms that he has throat cancer. Shocking news coming from bodybuilding's wild boy Gregg Valentino. Gregg has confirmed that he has throat cancer. Not...

The truth behind the death of Paul Demayo

WATCH: The truth behind the death of Paul Demayo. Gregg Valentino reveals the truth about the death of bodybuilding champion Paul Demayo. Gregg was the guest...

Gregg Valentino speaks his mind on Dallas McCarver death

Gregg Valentino - Dallas McCarver Death Gregg Valentino is not scared to speak his mind when it comes to controversial subjects in the sport of...

Kai Greene gambled and lost – Gregg Valentino

Gregg Valentino lets us know what he thinks about the Kai Greene situation. We all know Gregg does not hold back from anything and in...

Dave Palumbo, Joe Pietaro and Gregg Valentino equals MAYHEM on ASKDAVE!!!

Get your popcorn ready! It will be all-out mayhem, as Gregg Valentino was a guest on a special episode of #askDave, and what's better?...

Livin The Jacked Life – Gregg Valentino talks steroids

By Gregg Valentino In the latest installment in our #LivinTheJackedLife video series, MSM managing editor Gregg Valentino talks about one of his favorite subjects –...

“Livin’ the Jacked Life” Video Series

By Joe Pietaro - www.musclesportmag.com With his 43 years of experience in the gym and past as a competitor and contest promoter (as well as...
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