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2020 Olympia Weekend Official Scorecards

2020 Olympia Weekend Official Scorecards. The 2020 Olympia Weekend has finally arrived regardless of all the problems related to Covid-19. Many believed that the contest would...

2016 Olympia Weekend Official Scorecards

The 2016 Official Scorecards.

2016 NPC Jr. Nationals Photos and Results

The results are out for the 2016 NPC Jr. Nationals. Derek Lunsford won Bodybuilding Overall title. Kevin Ford won the Classic Physique Overall title while Suraqah...

2014 Olympia Weekend Official Scorecards

Download the 2014 Olympia Weekend Scorecards in PDF format. Judge the contest yourself and see how your results compare to the official results!! Be part of...

2014 Olympia Weekend Official Scorecards

This is the official list of Athletes who are qualified to compete in the 2014 Joe Weider's Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend.   ...

2013 Amateur Mr. Olympia contest photos and scorecards

Photos from Friday's prejudging of the 2013 Amateur Mr. Olympia. Click here for updated photos Big Ramy guest posing photos The lists of the finalists ; BB up...
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