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REVIEW: Prime Labs Prime Test

PRODUCT REVIEW: Prime Labs Prime Test. From Prime Labs comes Prime Test, their currently most sought-after test booster. With over 23,849 ratings on Amazon, it's also...

$1.1 billion supplement industry under threat in Australia

$1.1 billion supplement industry under threat in Australia A law is in the process of being passed in Australia to classify a number of sports...

REVIEW: Ab Cuts Enhanced

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ab Cuts Enhanced. Ab Cuts Enhanced is a weight loss supplement designed to support your goals. The front...

SUPPS: The Movie – First Feature Documentary on Sports Supplements

SUPPS: The Movie - First Feature Documentary on Sports Supplements. On September 5th 2019 producer/director Alex Ardenti released SUPPS: The Movie on Amazon Prime Video streaming...

REVIEW: Kaged Muscle Ferodrox

PRODUCT REVIEW: Kaged Muscle Ferodrox. From Kaged Muscle comes Ferodrox, their leading testosterone support matrix. It helps you: Naturally support testosterone levels Enhance libido Reduce cortisol As...

REVIEW: Anabolic Freak from PharmaFreak

PRODUCT REVIEW: Anabolic Freak from PharmaFreak Anabolic Freak from PharmaFreak is their "strongest D-AA testosterone booster", with D-AA standing for D-Aspartic Acid. Looking at the freakish...

What’s in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fridge?

WATCH: What's in Arnold Schwarzenegger's fridge? A great feature was published by Men's Health featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This feature was slightly different to what we are used...

REVIEW: Body Dynamix by Slimvance

PRODUCT REVIEW: Body Dynamix by Slimvance. We're always looking for new top-notch fat burners on the market, so we were curious to find out more...

REVIEW: Miracle Burn 360

Miracle Burn 360 claims to help you burn fat “around the clock”, keep your energy levels up, and suppress your appetite.

REVIEW: Blue Star Blade

Blue Star Blade is a premium fat burner specifically designed for men. When you look at this product, you'll quickly notice ingredients such as caffeine...
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