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Flex Wheeler gives an update on his progress after surgery

WATCH: Flex Wheeler gives an update on his progress after surgery. Flex Wheeler, one of the greatest bodybuilders to ever grace the bodybuilding stage. In a...

B Built By Broser – Mac Trucc update

In this Mac Trucc update, we have Coach Broser and The Trucc talking about where they are now, and where they're headed in terms...

Hidetada Yamagishi 2014 Arnold Classic update

With just three weeks till the 2014 Arnold Classic, Hidetada Yamagishi talks to Team MD’s Dave Bourlet on how he’s doing. This will be...

2013 Amateur Mr. Olympia UPDATE

THE 3RD AMATEUR MR. OLYMPIA – THE PRELUDE Thursday was the first day of the 2013 Amateur Mr. Olympia in Manama, Bahrain. But it was...

2014 Pro League Calendar update

Click here to download the 2014 IFBB Pro League Calendar Most recent update: November 26, 2013 IFBB PRO official website: www.ifbbpro.com
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