Flex Wheeler reveals open wound leg surgery

WATCH: Flex Wheeler gives an update on his progress after surgery.

Flex Wheeler, one of the greatest bodybuilders to ever grace the bodybuilding stage.

In a recent video published on his NEW Youtube Channel, Flex gives an update (21 February, 2020) on his progress mentally and physically after having a part of his right leg amputated.

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This video does not have training footage or anything similar. Flex Wheeler explains his current while he is driving to the gym.

Wheeler goes on to explain how he is trying to stay away from as many pain killers as much as possible so he can have a clear mind and that he is continuously in pain 24hrs a day.

As Flex feels he is in a better place and still feels blessed, he believes he still has a lot to contribute to people in the fitness industry and even outside the fitness industry.

Flex also gives an update on his struggles of getting the perfect fit for his prosthetic leg. It will possibly take close to a year before he gets the perfect fit, until then, it will be a painful struggle.

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