The Different Ways People Lose Weight Around The World

People lose weight for different reasons. More often than not, they do so to achieve an aesthetically pleasing figure. However, some need to lose weight because of underlying medical conditions. Nevertheless, regardless of the reason why people want to lose weight, there are several ways on how they can achieve their target weight, and below are some of the ways people lose weight around the world.

Dubai: Fitness Challenge

In Dubai, there is an annual celebration of health and fitness that encompasses events and entertainment centered on this premise. In line with this, you can go ahead and participate in the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020 to get your blood pumping and keep active. Not only will this aid you lose weight, but it can help you build your muscles and strengthen your core as well.

Netherlands: Pedal it out

In the Netherlands, people are encouraged to ride their bikes instead of driving their car to go to work or run their errands. Because of this, the number of bikes in the country already outnumber the number of people living in the region. The traffic lights are even synchronized according to bike speed. This is a great way to be more active and burn calories, which in the end help people lose weight or maintain their ideal number.

India: Practice Yoga

Yoga doesn’t only help your body become flexible and strong, but it paves the way for your weight loss as well. Some studies show that people who practice yoga have a lower body mass index (BMI) compared to people who don’t. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that serious yoga practitioners perform a yoga session with an empty stomach which can boost metabolism. Yoga also encourages mindfulness, which helps people to pay attention when their stomach indicates that they are already full.

Indonesia: Fasting

In Indonesia, people have the habit of fasting every once in a while and this is because of their religious practice in Islam. During their periodic fasting, they are not allowed to eat or even drink water from dawn to dusk. Other Indonesians practice mutih, or the consumption of only water and white rice. According to the experts, fasting helps break the pattern of mindless eating as long as it is done in moderation. As a result, you will be able to lose weight.

Italy: Hearty Meals

People in Italy love to prepare foods that are rich in fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, as well as whole grains. All these types of foods are good for the heart and your love handles too. In this case, not only are their most famous recipes improve heart health, but it supports weight loss as well. The great news is that the habit of preparing meals this way can even lengthen your life.


To wrap things up, there are different ways people lose weight around the world. Some focus more on exercise, while others are keener on diet and food intake. In the end, what matters is that you find a suitable way of losing weight that can help you achieve your goals.