antoine vaillant pump

“I have never experienced this kind of pump” – Antoine Vaillant.

California Pro winner Antoine Valliant teamed up with Milos ‘The Mind’ Sarcev for a chest workout in Las Vegas.

Milos, being one of the best trainers in the sport of bodybuilding, made sure he pushed the Canadian champion to the limit during their workout.

Antoine has the potential of being one of the best bodybuilders in the world, but this does not come without hard work.

To achieve this, Antoine knows he has to improve in some areas.

Antoine is known to step on stage in fantastic condition, but sometimes condition is not what wins shows, especially at the Mr. Olympia.

With his California Pro victory, Antoine has qualified for the 2020 Mr. Olympia.

Antoine knows he has to fill out more and at the same time keep his condition for the Mr. Olympia as he knows it’s a ‘big man show’.

After the chest workout, Antoine said that he has never experienced such a pump during a chest workout.

Milos some nice words to say about Antoine:

“Congratulations to Antoine Vaillant on his spectacular comeback from 7th place finish at the New York Pro (just a week before) to California State Pro Championships victory two days ago.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Antoine and especially – training him today at the ATI (Advanced Training Institute) in Las Vegas and showing him some of my CHEST training techniques.

In his words – he had never experienced this kind of PUMP.

Stay tuned for full chest training coming up shortly.”

After the workout, Antoine went through some poses for Milos, showing his incredible condition, and what we can expect for the 2020 Mr. Olympia.