Arnold Schwarzenegger photo

The girl in the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger photo wants his signature.

Krystal Kamenides, is the girl in the famous photo by Al Satterwhite that was taken in 1976.

UPDATE: Arnold Schwarzenegger contacts Krystal Kamenides to sign famous photo


After reading the comments in a recent post by Arnold Schwarzenegger, we noticed a particular comment.

Arnold published a post of himself training on his official Twitter page.

Krystal published a message introducing herself as the ‘girl in the photo’ way back in 1976 at Venice Beach, California watching him train.

There are two photo taken by Al Satterwhite. One is of Arnold doing some lat pulldowns while the young Krystal is looking from the distance.

The other photo, which is one of the most famous bodybuilding photos ever, is of Krystal admiring Anrold’s bicep pose. The young Arnold added to the photo with is famous smile.

The reason Krystal reached out to Arnold is that she has a dream for these photos to be signed by Arnold himself.

Krystal’s message to Arnold

“Hello Mr. Schwarzenegger, You don’t know me but you and I were captured in a famous photograph by the then up and coming photographer Al Satterwhite at Venice Beach, CA in 1976. The photos he took of you at the outside area,Muscle Beach,I’m the little girl in the photo with you!” – Krystal Kamenides

“The story behind it is equally awesome-at least does me! I reached out to @Schwarzenegger to see if he would sign a print for me. There are actually two photos…” Krystal Kamenides has a number of close friends in the bodybuilding industry that are very close to Arnold.

The moment this article is published, we will immediately send it to the people that can help to get this signature for Krystal.

Hopefully, Arnold will have time from his busy schedule to make Krystal’s dream a reality.