The Luke Sandoe Tribute Fund

The Luke Sandoe Tribute Fund.

The bodybuilding and fitness world are in shock as they mourn the death of pro bodybuilder Luke Sandoe.

Luke was a true fan favorite and wherever he went he would draw large crowds.

On social media, Luke already had a large fan base as he did over 40 podcasts with fellow pro bodybuilder Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad.

Just a day ago Luke was so happy to be putting the final touches to his new home gym and as well having fun with his lovable dog.

The shows always over a hour in length and the two would discuss any topic that would come to mind. The show would surely cheer up your day with their antics.

Luke Sandoe left behind two beautiful children. 15-year-old Louise and 8-year-old Leo.

Fouad created a GoFundMe account to help Luke’s family in this time of need.

This gofundme is set up in memory of Luke Sandoe for his children.  Luke was a great father, a great person and great bodybuilder who inspired many people to change their lives.
Please try to contribute even if its just $5 to this gofundme in
appreciation for Luke and all that he has done for our sport.  100% of
the funds will be deposited directly to the family and will not be used 
for anything but his families needs.
Thank you all for showing your love and support, we all will miss and 
remember Luke for the amazing person he was.

Log on to to make your donation, the goal is £50,000.

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