Tony Doherty Fitfest Expo

Tony Doherty announces FitFest Expo for 2021.

Tony Doherty has just recently announced that he will be organizing a fitness festival for all Australian fitness enthusiasts.

Tony is known for organizing some of the biggest bodybuilding and fitness contests and expo’s in Australia.

Starting with the Australian Pro in 2001, this popular event was transformed into FitX in 2011.

With the huge success of the FitX Expo, this caught the eye of the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Instantly, a great friendship turned into a partnership that would create the Arnold Sports Festival Australia in 2015.

Until 2019, the Arnold Sports Festival Australia was a very popular event with over 70,000 spectators daily visiting this great expo.

The best bodybuilders in the world would travel to Australia to compete at the prestigious Arnold Classic edition in Australia.

With all the international stars at the Arnold Sports Festival Australia, the highlight of the event would be the arrival of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, this has caused numerous problems all over the world and the bodybuilding industry could not hide from this.

Tony had to regrettably cancel the 2020 and 2021 Arnold Sports Festival Australia.

It would not make any sense for Tony to organize such an event when Arnold or even the top international athletes can’t come to the event.

Doherty also made the news headlines all over the world when he challenged the government on their lockdown rules in regards to gyms being closed.

What is Tony Doherty to do now? He looks ahead and creates another event.

Just a few days ago, Tony Doherty went to his social media to launch the 2021 FitFest Expo.

This event will take place between 6-7 November, 2021.

Not only will this event be a fitness expo where any companies related to the fitness industry can promote their products, but there will be a NPC/Pro League qualifier.

Just because Tony will not be organizing the Arnold Sports Festival Australia, this does not mean he will not organize a bodybuilding and fitness event.

Official Press Release

A huge announcement and a little history.

We cannot wait any longer to make a decision and commitment based on travel restrictions, government red tape and international situations beyond our control.

So it is with great pride and pleasure that we launch our new Australian fitness festival., Fitfest.
Fitfest Is going to be the greatest celebration of our fitness industry that you can imagine.

With humble beginnings our first Australian pro bodybuilding show was in 2001. The vision was to turn it into the biggest fitness expo Australia had ever seen.

In 2011 it evolved into FitX And set the standard for fitness expos in Australia.

In 2015 we were given the greatest opportunity of all, to turn FitX into the Arnold sports festival. For five years straight it grew and grew and grew. The Arnold became the biggest and best event the Australian sports and fitness industry had ever witnessed.

This year we will work tirelessly to raise the bar with our Fitfest expo. We will do whatever it takes to make this vision come to life and to set new standards in excitement.

We look forward to bringing the International juggernaut, the Arnold Expo back when the world is open for business again.

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