NPC loyalists IFBB Elite

NPC loyalists impressed by IFBB Elite Pro’s bodybuilding stars.

The bodybuilding media have increased their focus on IFBB Elite pro’s bodybuilding stars as the competition season is about to start.

Focusing on the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro League, it seems that the bodybuilding media is turning their focus to these contests in 2021, and we don’t blame them. have always promoted the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro. Since the split in 2017 between the NPC and IFBB, the majority of media turned their back on the ‘Original’ IFBB and the newly formed IFBB Elite Pro League.

The majority of media being from the USA, focused solely on the NPC, which is a crucial mistake when they call themselves bodybuilding media.

Obviously we all know how the NPC/Pro League works, either your with them 100% or not. The ‘mafia‘ style of running their business scares the media that supports them from mentioning or supporting another federation or organization.

The prospect of losing advertising or even the chance of getting a press pass for a major competition leaves them no other option. That is the environement the NPC/Pro League media works under.

They (the media) cannot express what they really feel or expose various situations that is ruining the sport.

This is a true fact as has been banned by the Manion family and other media outlets within the NPC/Pro League. All this for just revealing the truth and exposing corruption. gives space to all major federations and organizations, with the biggest two being the IFBB/IFBB Elite Pro and the NPC/Pro League.

The History

What the NPC/Pro League loyalists forget to remember is that the IFBB, lead by President Rafael Santonja and not Jim Manion, is the ‘Original’ IFBB that was created by Joe and Ben Weider.

The NPC/Pro League media refuse to acknowledge the fact that it was Ben Weider who recommended Dr. Rafael Santonja to lead the IFBB after his resignation.

The IFBB delegates from all affiliated countries at the 2006 IFBB World Congress, in Ostrava Czech Republic all voted in favor of Dr. Rafael Santonja to become IFBB’s new President. A post he still holds today, without having any other opposition wanting to replace him.

Contrary to the NPC, Jim Manion was not voted as President of the NPC, it’s his own private company/business. Manion does what he wants without any opposition.

Sources close to have confirmed that there was a number of people within the NPC/Pro League that would have loved to be Vice-President of the NPC/Pro League.

Since no votes are needed as Jim Manion calls all the shots, he picked his grandson Tyler Manion to be Vice-President. Manion could have selected from a number of other people within the organization to be Vice-President based on their vast experience of the industry.

The IFBB still offers more opportunities for the amateur athlete all over the world compared to the NPC

NPC vs IFBB – The options for the amateur bodybuilder

With the IFBB Elite Pro League starting their fourth year since its birth in 2018, it has now created a competitive environement that is attracting some of the best bodybuilders in the world.

The majority of media, especially NPC/Pro League loyalists have totally ignored and mocked the IFBB Elite Pro League until now.

Obviously, the NPC/Pro League had a better line-up of bodybuilders in 2017, the year of the split between the IFBB and NPC. The reason for this is that the IFBB, before 2017, was providing the Pro League with some of the best athletes in the world.

Since the split, the NPC/Pro League have an aging line-up with only a few young bodybuilders making it to the top.

The younger athletes, especially in Europe still prefer to climb the ranks of the IFBB and win their IFBB Elite Pro card.

As a result of the split, the NPC kept the bragging rights of the Olympia Weekend, while the IFBB Elite Pro League created a long list of new Pro Shows leading up to the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

Since then, the NPC/Pro League have been trying desperately to lure the European talent that they lost due to the split.

Creating a number of NPC/Pro League Olympia qualifiers in Europe have increased the chances of European athletes competing at the Mr. Olympia.

Unless the European athlete has a sponsor to handle all expenses, it will be difficult for them to compete at the majority of high profile competitions that are organized only in the USA. This in return leaves them frustrated for having limited opportunities.

With the IFBB Elite Pro creating a very competitive environement in Europe and even the USA, bodybuilders that do compete within IFBB Elite Pro League have numerous opportunities to compete in a number of prestigious competitions.

Fast forward four years and it seems that the NPC loyalists are keeping an eye on the stacked line-up of bodybuilders that the IFBB Elite Pro are presenting at their contests.

For the past four years, the NPC/Pro League media have been preaching that the best bodybuilders in the world only compete the NPC/Pro League.

If the NPC/Pro League have the best bodybuilders in the world, why are the media loyal to the NPC featuring IFBB Elite Pro athletes and dreaming of them to switch over to the NPC/Pro League?

The IFBB have been criticized heavily for making it difficult for their athletes to earn their pro card.

The difference between the IFBB and the NPC is that the majority of athletes that turn pro within the IFBB Elite Pro are already fully experienced athletes with numerous competitions on their resume.

The “Win and Your In” theory of the NPC, misleads athletes into thinking that they will immediately be ready to compete on the Olympia stage. This is truly not the case.

The NPC loyalists forget that the IFBB still organize the prestigious IFBB European and World Amateur Championships compared to their NPC National Championships. If an athlete wins the IFBB European or World Championships, this means he or she competed against the best in the world compared to the best in the USA.

In the past, the NPC National Champion would travel to the IFBB World Championships to try and win this contest to earn the right to be called the world’s best amateur before they turn pro.

Legends such as Lee Haney, Rich Gaspari, Lee Labarda, Bob Paris, Mike Christian and many more have enjoyed this great accomplishment.

In reality, the NPC National Champion is just the best in the USA compared to the IFBB offering the opportunity for the amateur bodybuilder to earn the bragging rights of being called the best in Europe or the best in the world.

Many athletes that have earned the right to compete in the IFBB Elite Pro League have refused that opportunity to continue on their path to win either the European or World Amateur Championships. When the athlete accomplished that, then they take the big step into the IFBB Elite Pro ranks, usually with great success.

Many will not agree with this statement, but the IFBB still offers more opportunities for the amateur athlete all over the world compared to the NPC.

All eyes on the IFBB Elite Pro League in 2021

The IFBB/IFBB Elite Pro League have started the 2021 with a bang, bring back a number of prestigious events.

The prestigious IFBB Mr. Universe Pro and the Night of Champions have reappeared on IFBB’s already busy contest schedule for the their pro athletes.

Not only have a number of new prestigious pro events been added to IFBB Elite Pro’s contest schedule, but the prize money is also increasing yearly.

Over $100,000 is already up for grabs in five pro bodybuilding events, add to this all the other pro events all over Europe, the IFBB Elite Pro League is becoming a lucrative option for athletes all over the world.

Adding to IFBB’s already worldwide popularity, bodybuilding’s legendary show promoter Wayne DeMilia, is leading the way in the USA with IFBB Physique America. Before the split in 2017, the NPC was the IFBB’s affiliate in the USA, but that has now been replaced with IFBB Physique America.

In the past three years, IFBB Elite Pro’s bodybuilding line-up has improved drastically. Athletes are thinking twice before competing within the NPC/Pro League, as in previous years. This is due to the competitive atmosphere that the IFBB Elite Pro has created.

The IFBB Elite Pro is offering more opportunities for all bodybuilding and fitness athletes.

Naming just a few athletes, multiple World and Arnold Classic Europe and Brazil Champion Michal Križo Križánek, World Champion Mika Sihvonen, Vitaliy Ugolnikov and many more are getting more exposure.

The bodybuilding line-up within the IFBB Elite Pro is at the highest level. Compared to the NPC/Pro League, the Mr. Olympia contenders might be bigger, but many have been criticized for their appearance on stage.

Every amateur and pro athlete within the IFBB/Elite Pro League, know how the judges treat athletes with a distended abdomen and other abnormal looking body parts. By the time the IFBB athlete turns pro, they will make sure to present a physique that represents IFBB’s high standards.

When watching a IFBB or IFBB Elite Pro contest, the spectator will notice the difference when it comes to aesthetics and condition compared to the NPC/Pro League.

For example, IFBB Elite Pro Michal Križánek is the biggest and most successful bodybuilder within the IFBB Elite Pro League. The media that supports the NPC/Pro League have highlighted Michal on a number of occasions.

Not only have a number of new prestigious pro events been added to IFBB Elite Pro’s contest schedule, but the prize money is also increasing yearly.

Michal not only is a freak of nature with his incredible size, but he has managed to keep a small midsection and his condition is second to none.

NPC loyalists are dreaming of Michal to make the switch over to the NPC/Pro League, so he can have the opportunity to compete on the Olympia stage.

Michal has been one of IFBB’s top bodybuilders for a number of years and did not make the switch. Will Michal ever make the switch in the future? Possibly, but if he does, the NPC/Pro League athletes better be ready for him.

Another possibility is that Michal believes that the IFBB Elite Pro is the place to be and he wants to grow with them.

Many will say Michal has dominated the Elite Pro and has nothing else to prove, but this is not totally true. In 2019, Michal took it for granted that he would dominate the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships and defend his title. The level of competition was so high that Michal was slightly off and not only lost his title, but fell to fourth place.

In 2020, Michal made no mistakes and won the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships for the second time in three years.

As Michal gained more popularity on social media, he started getting more exposure from the media, the same media that brushed him aside just a few years earlier.

The IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro will be organizing the 2021 Siberian Power Show on 3-4 April in Russia.

This event is getting very good exposure thanks to their marketing campaign and fantastic line-up of athletes.

Michal Križánek and numerous other top bodybuilders will be at this great event. The world’s media will surely keeping an eye on this event for many reasons.

Why are the IFBB Elite Pro athletes in the spotlight now?

The NPC/Pro League have a number of great athletes, this cannot be denied.

But do they have all the best athletes in the world? Surely not.

Seeing new athletes, especially from Europe make an appearance on the Mr. Olympia stage has become a rare occurrence. The media and even coaches loyal to the NPC are looking for the new star.

The Olympia organizers, for the last few years, have been doing everything possible to find the next star to give the Olympia Weekend a marketing boost and more revenue.

Even the big story of Big Ramy, receiving a ‘Special Invite’ to the Mr. Olympia and winning in 2020 has become dry. Big Ramy went back to his home land and is nowhere to be seen in the USA to promote the ultimate title.

With all this happening, social media and YouTube pages dedicated to the NPC are now featuring IFBB Elite Pro athletes, focusing on Michal Križánek and the young Vitaliy Ugolnikov.

Obviously, Michal and Vitaliy cannot compete at the Mr. Olympia or any other NPC/Pro League events because they are IFBB/IFBB Elite Pro athletes. The same goes for any NPC/Pro League athlete, they cannot compete in any IFBB/IFBB Elite Pro events.

Many from the NPC/Pro League are even predicting that Michal and even the young Vitaliy can challenge for the Mr. Olympia title, that is how good they are.

As the IFBB/IFBB Elite Pro continue to produce more athletes, and the NPC/Pro League are looking for their new star, it is obvious they will look at what the IFBB/Elite Pro League have to offer.

What is wrong with all this? Nothing, if the athlete wants to switch over, but false promises and dreams are what ruin an athletes career.

The bodybuilding world must remember that NPC/Pro League stars such as the late Luke Sandoe, Blessing Awodibu, Hadi Choopan and many more have been promoted to the NPC/Pro League before the split in 2017. These athletes made their way to the pro ranks through the IFBB and not the NPC.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, we did even all the Wellness and Bikini athletes that have been persuaded to switch to the NPC/Pro League. The majority of them were never heard from anymore, in regards to success.

The search for new talent continues and the IFBB/Elite Pro League athletes are being singled out.

A selection of IFBB Elite Pro’s Top Stars