Top Testosterone Boosters review

PRODUCT REVIEW: Top Testosterone Boosters

Natural bodybuilders have an even greater need to keep their testosterone levels in optimal condition. When you are not relying on synthetic test (in one form or another), it is crucial to manage your lifestyle and diet to help your body produce as much natural testosterone as it can.

The amount of sleep you get, the food you eat, the beers you drink … those and a host of other factors will determine how well your body produces the all important hormone, and how much if it your body is able to use to pile on the muscle.

Love them or hate them, natural test boosting products are a multi million dollar industry. The market is flooded with them. Some are good, some are bad and some are downright ugly. How do you tell the good ones from the bad?. It’s not easy, we’ve put together a guide to help point you in the right direction, and recommended the best ones.

What to Look For in a Test Booster

Researched Formula

Let’s cut to the chase. Fancy packaging; cool bright orange pills; a killer name; a slick, award winning website … these are not bad things, but they are not reasons to buy a supplement.

The most important part of any supplement, by a long way, is the formula.

Even those that are well informed and educated in the ingredients you find in test boosting supplements just skim over the ingredients list. But to determine how well a product will work, we need to look in more detail;

  • The dosages
  • The form

This last point escapes many. Different forms of supplement ingredient have different absorption rates, and a surprising amount that gets consumed in supplements just passes straight out on the next visit the bathroom.

Magnesium is magnesium is magnesium … right?Wrong.

Your body will absorb only 4% of the magnesium oxide you consume but 16% if it’s in citrate form. So 50mg of magnesium citrate is equivalent to 200mg of magnesium oxide.

Even seasoned supplement users don’t know this, and concrete information on bioavailability rates is tough to find even when you are in the business of formulating supplements.

Scientific Research

Full Disclosure

To carry on our previous point, we expect to see the form of an ingredient listed on the supplement facts panel on the product. Without knowing that it’s impossible to know how effective the product is going to be. For the majority of test boosting products you’ll stumble across on Amazon, this information will not be on the supplements fact panel.

And that should cause alarm bells to ring.

Not because the product will be dangerous, but because it will be ineffective. The highly bioavailable forms of ingredients are more expensive. So when supplement companies have invested in a more expensive (and better) product, they will want to tell you that.

When they have skimped and used cheap ingredients, they want you to miss that when you read the label.

Have you ever asked a supplement manufacturer to provide the certificates showing you that what they say is in their product is actually in the product (and nothing else)? Or show you the testing results for the batch you are buying, to ensure that there are no levels of harmful heavy metals or microbiological pathogens in the product?

Try it!

Proprietary Blends

If ‘neglecting’ to give full information on ingredients on the label wasn’t bad enough, proprietary blends take lack of disclosure to a whole new level.

Andro-Matrix-ZX48, Test-Scicomplex-404 etc. When you see faux-scientific made up names for proprietary compounds on a label then that’s your cue to exit stage left.

It’s an FDA loophole for US products that allows companies to bundle together all the ingredients and only give the dosage of the overall blend. Companies using it claim they do it to protect their intellectual property. Which is complete BS, they do it so they can reduce the levels of the expensive ingredients to trace levels and bump up the levels of the cheap filler ingredients.

Keep the manufacturing cost at rock bottom levels, sell your useless product cheap in high volumes. Make a load of money. Retire to Key West.

Are you happy putting unknown quantities of supplement ingredients into your body? You shouldn’t be. Do not automatically trust these supplement manufacturers, even the big guys. History has unfortunately taught us that you should tread warily and being cynical could keep you safe.

Manufacturing Standards

Manufacturing Standards

This is important. Again, there’s more to this than meets the eye. You’ll see ‘Produced in cGMP Premises’ on the sales copy form many products.

cGMP stands for ‘certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice’. It means the facilities used to make the product can insure, amongst other things, that;

  • There are no risks of cross-contamination with ingredients used in a different product.
  • The mixed ingredients have been blended so that the variance in what is contained in each capsule is minimal.
  • Storage and handling of ingredients is such that it will not degrade their quality.

Just being ‘cGMP’ isn’t the whole story though, as there are numerous different certifying bodies able to accredit facilities with cGMP status. And some are more exacting (and more expensive) than others.

Top Products

Our overall 1-2-3 in the Test Boosting Champions League.


#1 – Centrapeak

First up, Centrapeak passes all of our tests with flying colors;

  1. Formula – Rock solid
  2. Disclosure – Full, ingredients, dosages, forms
  3. Quality – GMP Certified by UL and NPA

They have explained their formula and the research behind the ingredients used, the dosages, the forms – it’s all there in detail on their ingredients page;

What makes it special?

Centrapeak has a unique twist, all the ingredients have solid clinical pedigrees as established test boosters – but also have volumes of research behind them showing they help improve mood and subjective wellbeing, and reduce stress.

So it doesn’t just boost your test levels, it makes you feel better too.

As our readers who have spent years in the gym will know, this is crucial. As the years go on, keeping the motivation levels high is the bedrock of any outstanding physique – if you are not in the gym at all, you’re not pushing any weight.

When you are full of energy, feeling great and itching to unleash that testosterone in the gym, it’s a recipe for success.


It’s only available in the US and Canada. If you are reading elsewhere, you’ll need to either move there; get your Aunt Mildred in New York to send you some; or scroll down the list to option 2.


#2 – T+

T+ is the next evolution of Performance Labs’s now phased-out ‘T Booster’. It was a good product but it was designed to be stacked with their whole-food multi vitamin. That made it expensive.

What makes it special?

T+ is an excellent product, and Performance Lab an excellent company. If you are looking for a product with the best of everything in it then this is it.

P Lab only ever use the very best, so whenever there is an opportunity to use a patented, highly standardized expensive variation of an ingredient you can be sure they’ll be using it.

The products are very much ‘next generation’. Even the capsules are good for you, they are made from a prebiotic fiber made from fermented tapioca. This is a well thought out product.

Their products are also designed to be stacked together with each other, and have an extensive range.


The dosages are generally lower in Performance Lab products as they are designed for safe everyday use without the need for cycling so you will need to take it consistently for a few months to yield the benefits. Handily they offer price discounts on multi-buys.


#3 – EVL Test

What makes it special?

This is the low budget option, if the premium products have priced themselves out of your range then this should be in your scope.

Evlution Nutrition’s flagship T Booster has been around almost as long as T Boosters themselves have. Used by hundreds of thousands of customers, the company is established and has a solid reputation. So from that point of view you are in safe hands.

There is no proprietary blends, all the ingredients are there on the label. Some of those ingredients are arguable (as are the dosages) but there’s no argument about convenience. It’s there on Amazon Prime, so you’ll get your hands on it quick.


As you’ll see in our review, some of the ingredients don’t have the greatest clinical reputation. It’s a cheaper product so you can’t expect it to have all the highly standardized premium patented variants of each ingredient.