Ultimate Nutrition closes

INDUSTRY NEWS: Ultimate Nutrition closes its doors on employees.

The week starts with some shocking news from the supplement industry.

According to reports from Stack3e.com and as confirmed by other reliable sources, A notice has been posted on the door of Ultimate Nutrition’s building in Farmington, informing employees to please read and to reach out via a PO Box if they have any questions. The first paragraph says, “If you are reading this, please be informed that your employment has been terminated effective August 17th, 2019.”

Ultimate Nutrition’s official website is still online, but their official Facebook and Instagram pages are offline.

One of the employees, Chris Kingsbury has posted the notice on his personal page and as well chemists, microbiologists, inventory managers, stability professionals, laboratory technicians, forklift drivers and truck drivers are all looking for new jobs.

According to Kingsbury, absolutely no explanation or warning was given to their employees. They all reported to work to find out they have no job.

A number of resellers in Europe confirmed they were not even notified and found out early Monday morning.

Ultimate Nutrition were one of the biggest supplement companies in the industry. They at one point sponsored the biggest bodybuilding stars such as Dexter Jackson and Phil Heath and as well the Olympia Weekend.

The company bounced back from bankruptcy in 2014, but the following years seemed too difficult even though they sponsored the biggest shows.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net has sent out questions to Ultimate Nutrition through the contact form on its website for more information, but we have had no reply until publishing this article.