WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger makes trip

WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger makes trip to Austria after heart surgery.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a trip to Vienna, Austria on Tuesday (15 May, 2018) to talk at the Summit on Climate Change.

The summit was organized by Schwarzenegger’s R20 climate NGO and has brought together business and political leaders, including UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, as well as climate change experts and activists.

As we will not get into the subject of politics, it is great to see Arnold back on his feet and doing what he loves.

Arnold did admit in the beginning of his speech that he went against the doctors orders to make the trip after his heart surgery.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fighter and even a major heart operation will not keep him down.

As all of the other speeches that Arnold makes, this one is inspiring just as all the rest. Regardless of the subject, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s words show what a fighter he is and he expresses this perfectly.

According to sources close to, it is not 100% confirmed if Arnold will be making the trip to the 2018 Arnold Classic Africa that is taking place this weekend. As Arnold said, he already made the trip to Austria against doctors orders…