WATCH: Phil Heath talks

WATCH: Phil Heath talks about defeat and future plans. 

The 2018 Mr. Olympia was one to remember and another one for the history books with Shawn Rhoden becoming only the 14th person to lidt the prestigious Sandow Trophy.

Rhoden prevented 7X Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath from matching the record of Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney. Coleman and Haney won the title eight consecutive times.

Phil Heath is still a great champion and he will surely be back in 2019 to try to win his title back just as Jay Cutler did with Dexter Jackson in 2009.

Phil just needs time to regroup and get back into the gym and do what he does best.

Shawn Rhoden deserved to win the title and Phil Heath did not make any excuses, but please the negative comments against Philm has to stop.

Phil Heath recorded a message via his official Instagram page to all his fans and so called haters.

philheathWell first off I will congratulate the new champ @flexatronrhoden on a job well done. Not going to complain nor disrespect anyone because that’s Sucka shit and I’m better than that. A measurement of a man isn’t when he’s on top but when he gets knocked down and is challenged to get his ass up or lay down. Well, I won’t lay down, but I’m going to take some time, reflect on the journey and plan my next move. I wanna thank you all and I mean all of you even the ones who wished for my downfall because deep down we all in this together. I witnessed @ronniecoleman8 lose to @jaycutler then @mrolympia08 dethrone @jaycutler and then Jay coming out like a fuckin animal an reclaiming his title.

Then of course the night I defeated, now wait, I won my first Olympia title and boy was that a wild ride filled with emotions that only a person who has won could fathom. Being on top for 7 straight years is a long damn time so imma relish in that, spend time with my own thoughts and continue to give all Honor to God because He has definitely provided me an incredible life that many of you have been apart of. Thank you thank you thank you everyone in attendance and those watching around the world. We saw history be made and I for one got a chance to be apart of life! Man I can’t lie this sucks but there’s always tomorrow. Love you ALL and I fckin mean that Yo everyone even the ones who opposed me because they simply just wanted something different. Be safe everyone. PHIL Heath Out!