World Champion Josef Grolmus dies

World Champion bodybuilder Josef Grolmus dies at 59.

The bodybuilding world mourns today after hearing the news of the passing of World Champion bodybuilder Josef Grolmus.

Josef passed away at the age of 59. The cause of death is not known.

With his competition career lasting thirteen years (1977-1990), Josef managed to win some prestigious titles and compete on the Olympia stage on two occasions.

From 1977-1982, Josef established himself as one of the best amateur bodybuilders in Slovakia and Czechoslovakia after competing in various National Championships.

In 1982, he moved up to the big league by competing at the World Amateur Championships and placed 13th in the Light-Heavyweight division.

In 1984, Josef won the IFBB European Championships Light-Heavyweight division and placed second in the same division at the IFBB World Championships losing to Rich Gaspari.

Establishing himself as one of the best amateurs in the world, Josef tried his luck again in 1985 at the IFBB World Championships.

This time he would not be denied and took home first place in the Light-Heavyweight division. Another two legendary bodybuilders competed at the same event, Lee Labrada won the Middle-Weight division at the same event while Francis Benfatto placed fifth.

In 1986, Josef would compete on the world stage. He would place 10th at the 1986 Mr. Olympia. A fantastic result for Josef as he placed higher that Tom Platz, Jusup Wilkosz and Edouard Kawak.

Another impressive result for Josef was his seventh place result at the IFBB World Pro Championships in 1987.

After moving down the ladder in various pro events including the 1987 Mr. Olympia were he placed 15th, Josef would relinquish his pro status and move back down to the amateur level.

His last major contest was in 1990 when he won the IFBB European Amateur Championships Bantamweight division.

Read the interview from 2011 translated to English from – Click HERE send our sincere condolences to Josef’s family and friends during this difficult time.

Contest History

World Amateur Championships – IFBB, Light-HeavyWeight, 13th

European Amateur Championships – IFBB, Light-HeavyWeight, 1st
World Amateur Championships – IFBB, Light-HeavyWeight, 2nd

World Amateur Championships – IFBB, Light-HeavyWeight, 1st

Olympia – IFBB, 10th

Olympia – IFBB, 15th
World Pro Championships – IFBB, 7th

Grand Prix France – IFBB, 15th
Grand Prix Sweden – IFBB, 13th

European Amateur Championships – IFBB, BantamWeight, 1st

1986 Mr. Olympia
1 Lee Haney
2 Rich Gaspari
3 Mike Christian
4 Albert Beckles
5 Berry DeMey
6 Peter Hensel
7 Bertil Fox
8 Ron Love
9 John Terilli
10 Josef Grolmus
11 Tom Platz
12 Jusup Wilkosz
13 Edouard Kawak
14 Frank Richard
15 Gary Leonard