10 Resistance Bands Exercise

10 Resistance Bands Exercise to Build Muscle.

Since the global pandemic, many people have decided to stay home for workouts rather than go to the gym. Exercise equipment can be costly, but other forms of exercise can be performed without equipment. Resistance bands are an affordable option that can be as effective as workout machines. Below are 10 exercises that can be performed with resistance bands that will build muscle.

Leg Exercises

  • Begin with feet a shoulder-width apart. The band will be placed beneath both feet. Next, both knees will be bent until a squat position has been reached, then raising up while squeezing the glute muscles. By using the booty bands for this workout it will increase its effectiveness and for added shoulder workouts, the band can then be lifted about the head.
  • Kick-Back. For this, the participant will start on the knees, wrapping the band around the right foot. Next, the right leg will be lifted and extended behind the body until the band’s resistance is felt. Slowly with control, bring the leg back to the starting position. This will be repeated for the required number of sets, and then switch the band to the left leg and continue.
  • To begin the lunge, the right leg will need to be stretched out to the front, with the band placed beneath the right foot while leaving the left leg in the standing position. Arms will remain straight at the sides. The body will then be lowered in a controlled motion until a lunge position is reached, then raised back up. This will be repeated for both sides of the body.

Chest, Shoulder, and Back Exercises

  • Chest Fly. The chest fly will require the use of a stable device such as a pole that the band will need to be wrapped around. After that is accomplished, feet will need to be slightly staggered, and each end of the band wrapped around each hand. Begin moving hands to the front of the body, then back to the starting position with slow and controlled motions.
  • Row Back. In a seated position on the floor, extended legs in front of the body. Flex both feet upwards and place the band in the arches of both feet and hold with both hands. Pull the band towards your hips while keeping elbows close to the sides of the body. Repeat this with slow and controlled motions.


  • Bicep Curl. Begin by standing with feet a shoulder width apart and placing the band beneath the feet. Place the end of the band in your hands, palms facing forward. While maintaining stability in the shoulders, raise the band chest level squeezing the biceps. Repeat this action as needed.
  • Tricep Extension. Standing with feet a shoulder with apart and core muscles engaged, put the arms behind the back, holding each end of the band. Keep one hand hip level while raising the other towards the ceiling. Repeat using both arms.

Core or Abs

  • Lying Leg Raise. To begin, lie on the floor on the back and wrap the band around both ankles. While lying down, lift one leg until the optimal resistance is felt. Repeat on both legs.
  • Bicycle Crunch. For this exercise, lie flat on your back on the floor. Flex both feet towards the ceiling and wrap the band around flexed feet. Put hands behind the ears and sit up, touch the right elbow to the left knee, then back to lying position and repeat for the left elbow to right new, essentially creating a bicycle effect.
  • Mountain Climber. Begin in a plank position with the resistance band wrapped around the ankles. Being a running motion while still in a plank position.

Resistance bands can be a very effective form of building muscle but, as with any equipment, safety is first and foremost, so ensure you are stretching and drinking ample water before and after any workout.