2020 IFBB World Ranking

2020 IFBB World Ranking Champions.

Every athlete that competes with the IFBB earn points that go towards the IFBB World Rankings.

The most consistent athletes earn the most points, which at the end of the competitive season can result in winning prize money and also the right to turn pro.

Points are awarded to athletes that compete in IFBB Elite Pro qualifiers.

This is a great incentive created by the IFBB for athletes to compete and represent their country at various events.

Close to 1000 athletes managed to earn points that went towards the 2020 rankings.

The official list of IFBB’s 2020 World Ranking Champions has recently been published.

Ukraine and Poland dominated the top rankings.

2020 IFBB World Rankings Winners

Men’s Bodybuilding: Dmytro Marchenko – Ukraine
Bikini Fitness
: Wiktoria Nanka – Poland
Men’s Classic Physique: Yuri Zimohliad – Ukraine
Women’s Physique: Natalia Prokhorova – Ukraine
Men’s Physique: Alexander Ronchetti – Switzerland
Women’s Wellness: Dagmara Dominiczak – Poland
Women’s Bodyfitness: Rocio Araujo – Spain
Men’s Classic Bodybuilding: Erick Sanchez – Guatemala
Women’s Fitness: Natalia Toporova – Russia

Download the official 2020 World Rankings in PDF Format

Men’s Bodybuilding
Bikini Fitness
Men’s Classic Physique
Women’s Physique
Men’s Physique
Women’s Wellness
Women’s Bodyfitness
Men’s Classic Bodybuilding
Women’s Fitness

2020 IFBB World Ranking

2020 IFBB World Ranking