IFBB Professional League Rep

IFBB Professional League Rep and show promoter, Bob Cicherillo has been very vocal since the IFBB International split with the IFBB Pro League.

The job Bob has is to make sure all the athletes are reminded that the IFBB Pro League is the only way to the Olympia stage. On the other side of the table, the IFBB International has created the IFBB Pro Elite League with substantial prize money and as well the newly formed IFBB Physique America headed by Wayne Demilia. One must remember the IFBB International still have the prestigious IFBB World/Junior Championships plus the IFBB European Championships.

Obviously the IFBB International have are still very dominant with over 196 countries affiliated with them and the split with the IFBB Professional League has not made a dent in their future plans with an number of contests every weekend all over Europe.

In recent days, Bob Cicherillo published a message aimed towards IFBB Pro’s who have decided to leave the IFBB Pro League to compete with other federations.

Every competitor has the right to compete wherever they want as Bob has always preached, but on the professional level the athlete will end up getting suspended from the IFBB Pro League.

Some athletes have argued that they have the right to use the name IFBB Pro regardless what federation they compete with. The athlete will obviously do this for their own marketing purposes. In the near future we will surely start to see IFBB Elite Pro/IFBB Pro on a number of social media accounts. As well if an athlete earned a certain Pro card they will surely believe it is their right to use the name and a number of athletes have made this clear.

But this move from a number of athletes seems to be annoying Bob and rest of the IFBB Professional hardliners.

This is what Bob had to say:

PSA: The IFBB Pro League title ( IFBB PRO) is the most respected, prestigious and sought after , in the bodybuilding world. It has come to my attention that there are FORMER pro’s who continue to use this title despite the fact they have moved on to other “federations”. This is disrespectful to the dues paying IFBB PL athletes who have earned the right to use that title and who support our federation.

That said, I guess it shows what kind of stock they put into their current federations/ organizations, when they continue to use our title and not current one. If you left our federation to compete as a “pro” elsewhere..YOU’RE NO LONGER A IFBB PRO.

The IFBB PRO LEAGUE is a federation of athletes that have proven themselves to be the best of the best. We have a level of achievement that needs to be reached by way of winning a Pro League qualifying event. There are no resume’s to submit, no panels to consider, and doesn’t require thousands of dollars to be accepted. We have 1 simple rule: YOU WIN= YOURE IN.

IFBB Professional League Rep