Documentary being filmed about bodybuilding legend Robby Robinson.

Bodybuilding legend Robby Robinson has announced on his official Facebook page that a documentary is being filmed about his life.

The documentary is going to be called ‘The Black Prince – Truth or Bust’.

Robby has been very vocal about the direction the sport of bodybuilding has taken and as well certain events that occurred during long bodybuilding career as a competitor.

Robby has posted on his social media accounts stories about not getting paid full prize money and as well not being paid for taking part in the filming of ‘Pumping Iron’. (Refer to Screenshot)

Mike O’Hearn, Robby’s long time training partner, is also going to be involved in the documentary.

Robby went on to say that the film is “hard hitting and controversial, and not what some in bodybuilding want to hear”.

The documentary is being produced by a company in the UK called ‘Evolution Media’.

Robby Robinson has also made it known that he is supporting the newly formed IFBB Physique America. The new federation in the USA affiliated with the IFBB International and IFBB Elite Pro League. Robby is in fact on the Executive Board of the new federation along with fellow legend Danny Padilla.

The IFBB Physique America’s top man is Wayne DeMillia,  Robby Robinson’s longtime friend.

Main photo by Raymond Cassar