California gym reopens

California gym reopens… breaks Covid-19 state orders.

The pressure is starting to mount on certain people and business owners due to all the restrictions because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) threat.

A gym in California has decided to reopen due to reports from TMZ.

A California gym manager says it was a mistake for Governor Gavin Newsom to close all gyms … so he’s taking the matter into his own hands.

The owner of ‘The Gym’ in San Bernardino Jacob Lewis, decided to defy state shutdown orders because he believes gyms are “‘essential’ to people’s mental and physical health.” according to TMZ.

Doors opened Friday morning at 6am with a number of members already using the facility.

According to TMZ, Lewis says he tipped off cops and local officials to his plan to reopen, and received a summons from a code enforcement official.

Lewis believes he won’t get into any serious trouble for breaking state orders.

Gym owner Jacob Lewis insisted that all equipment is spaced out to follow social distancing guidelines and disinfectant is everywhere in the facilities.

Saunas and showers are closed as a precaution according to Lewis.

The decision to reopen the gym was because Lewis believes he was letting his members and the community down.

“I realized I was being a BITCH!! By letting down the people that matter most to our community!! By not providing a service that helps them get through all the bull s**t! And gives them hope, strength, and health,” concluded Lewis.

Gym owner and staff come under attack

Immediately after reopening the gym, the owner and staff received numerous messages blasting them for opening the gym.

The owner of the posted a message on his official Instagram page to clarify matters:

I sincerely apologize for my choice of words to some of the comments in The Gyms opening post.
Please understand my frustration to some of these comments is rooted under the fact that Myself, our staff, and The Gym was under attack and I responded like any Man would, defend what they love!
This lockdown is UnAmerican and completely against our freedoms. Yes I got carried away but in spite of all of it I am passionate about our Economy and our Country.
I sincerely apologize and I hope you understand. – Jacob Lewis.