antoine vaillant California pro

California Pro Results: Antoine Vaillant wins to qualify for the Mr. Olympia.

Canada’s Antoine Vaillant has qualified for the 2020 Mr. Olympia by winning the California Pro.

Antoine Valliant finished on top from a line-up of 16 athletes to earn his first Pro League win.

The battle for the top prize would be between Maxx Charles and Antoine.

Maxx managed to finished ahead of An Nguyen with Patrick Moore having to settle for fourth.

A major improvement from the previous week at the New York Pro for Antoine and Maxx. Antoine moved up from seventh to first while Maxx improved from his fifth place to second.

As both were in fantastic condition, it was a very narrow victory for Antoine.

Congratulations to Antoine for this fantastic victory. Antoine is back on track after overcoming a drug addiction and recovering from a major bicep tear just last year.

Fans and media complain about very bad quality live stream

The contest had no spectators due to the Covid-19 crisis, but unfortunately the live streaming service that cost $30 was horrible.

Numerous IFBB Pro’s and media vented their frustration over the quality of this horrible service to the fans.

Last week, the bigger contest such as the New York Pro offered a live streaming service for only $20. The show was much bigger and as well the quality was fantastic. Well worth the money.

It was very difficult to give a good review and analyze the show with such a bad quality feed. can confirm that numerous people are already writing to the promoters for a refund. believes that the $30 fee for the California Pro live streaming service should be refunded by the promoters.

California Pro Top Five
1. Antoine Vaillant
2. Maxx Charles
3. An Nguyen
4. Patrick Moore
5. Eddie Bracamontes

antoine vaillant California pro