Hassan Mostafa in hospital after health complications.

Pro bodybuilder Hassan Mostafa had to visit the hospital immediately after he arrived back in Vegas after competing at the 2020 New York Pro.

Hassan is fighting to recover in time to get ready for the California Pro that is taking place this weekend 12 September, 2020.

While suffering from a hemorrhoids problem, the situation got more complicated when they got infected and caused a abscess.

Hassan explained in detail that even during the New York Pro he was suffering to the point he wanted to step of stage.

With all his problems, Hassan still managed to place fourth at the 2020 New York Pro.

This is something to take seriously and Hassan made the right decision to admit himself into the hospital.

Surgery had to be done and now Hassan is fighting to recover on time for the California Pro.

The Egyptian bodybuilder is already lucky to be in the USA with all the Covid-19 restrictions and he does not want to have something like this destroy his plans.

Hassan Mustafa explains his situation

“Landed in Las Vegas last night for California Pro but had to go to hospital immediately. Hemorrhoids are better but they caused an infection which created an abscess. I’m about to do a surgery to clean it so it can heal. I’m still hoping I can do California Pro, will try to convince the doctor to leave today so I can make it to the show. It would be devastating to let go of months of hard work, especially now that I’m already in the US.” – Hassan Mustafa.

“I wanted my first post after NY Pro to be a clarification of what I went through during the last few days. Since I’ve seen many people negatively critique my stage presence and my posing, I’d like to tell you that a few pictures online don’t tell the whole story. I was simply in so much pain during the show it made it almost impossible to enjoy any of it. I’m just grateful I was able to suck it up and pose anyway because many times I wanted to run off stage from the extreme pain. Unfortunately, after I landed in Tampa I got hemorrhoids for the first time and I had no idea how to respond to it. And for anyone that experienced them knows how extremely painful they are. Especially with the constant posing practice and stress leading up to the show, my condition worsened day after day. And by the finals of the show I was barely able to walk from the swelling. So please, if you want to give advise about my smile, or my walk, or my confidence, I’m here to tell you that I’m working really really hard to make improve, but sometimes things outside our hands take over and make these little adjustments almost impossible. Finally, for those who supported me and showed nothing but respect and love, I want to say THANK YOU, you’re the reason why this sport is a great one!!!!!!” – Hassan Mustafa

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net wishes Hassan a speedy recovery and hope to see him on the California PRo stage this weekend.