Bodybuilding star Charlie Duca talks about career, diet and contest prep in latest interview.

Australian bodybuilding legend, Charlie Duca was recently interviewed by Tom Hewett and Rawdon Dubios on the Under The Bar Podcast show.

Charlie Duca is one of the most popular bodybuilders in Australia. He has won multiple NABBA World Championships and as well competed in the IFBB Pro League as well.

Duca started his bodybuilding career when he lived in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean, just before moving to Australia to continue his career.

After cementing himself as one of the best bodybuilders to ever come out of Australia, he has also become one of the best and most respected trainers in the sport.

Duca has a great following and growing client base as well.

In this interview, Charles talks about how he started bodybuilding, his diets and his training methods.

Charlie Duca can be contacted via his official Facebook page: Click HERE