Chris Aceto - Guy Cisternino

Chris Aceto – Guy Cisternino

Chris Aceto went to his official Instagram account to shed more light on the situation regarding Guy Cisternino.

Guy pulled out from the 2017 New York Pro because of a serious medical situation.

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After the show, close friends of Guy explained in the best way possible what the situation was.

Guy Cisternino explained in more detail on his social media what the problem was, but he is still waiting for the test results.

Chris Aceto on Thursday, explained what Guy went through until he ended up in the hospital.

This is what Chris Aceto had to say:

  • therealtechnicianSo a lot people have asked me about Guy Cisternino’s situation. These are pics from today you can see where he has scars that have formed from blotches that occurred running into the NY Pro. Guy is Mr Dependable. If I ask him to do something, he does it. When I text him, he always respond in seconds. Wednesday before the show he emailed me pics of his skin condition and I got a bad feeling. Wednesday night we were supposed to get together and I didn’t get a text from him and he didn’t respond to 20 plus texts I sent to him. I figured he must have got in a car crash. Thursday 4 am he called to say he was in the ER at the hospital. We never discussed pulling out of the show cause he still looked superb although he was developing a weird glaze to his entire body. I knew he was in pain too cause he was have a difficult time hitting his shots. THursday most of the day he disappeared. I figured something really serious must have happened. I called the hotel manager and said ” let me into his room” They did and Guy was sleeping so hard I couldn’t wake him up . I actually made a big sign ” I was here at 4 pm” cause I knew he would never believe me. I came back with the hotel folks at 6 we went in and Guy was awake but out of it. I suppose from how they treated him in the hospital he was physically spent . Anyways, he made it to prejudge and after took off again to the hospital for three days. They still have no idea what he has etc but as IG world can see his skin rashes ( which are also on his abs and chest) have scaled over to crusty scabs. I tried to get him to go to Toronto but the flights are booked ( ok that last part was an attempt at a joke) Guy hates to loose but he also hates more to ” not finish the job”

We hope Guy gets through this and can’t wait to see him back on stage!!