Coronavirus Cedric McMillan barber

Coronavirus forces Cedric McMillan to become a barber and nail technician.

The coronavirus has shut the entire world down. The majority of people are forced to stay inside to cut down the risk of getting infected by the virus.

While we are all locked inside, some people are forced to do chores they have never done before.

Videos are starting to emerge on social media of men and women cutting their own hair as the majority of beauty salons were forced to close.

Bodybuilding star Cedric McMillan is showing the world he is capable of doing anything to help family and friends.

Cedric published two videos on his official Instagram page showing the world that he is really good at being barber and a nail technician.

One video shows Cedric giving a colleague a haircut.

He said “Real leaders make sure their soldiers look good.”

In the second video, Cedric made sure his wife’s nails continue to look good. Cedric explained that with some loving care and tools from your hardware store, you can do a good job.

Cedric explained what he was doing:

“Fellas, if your woman has acrylic nails growing out because they can’t go to the salon in this shutdown bullshit, tell her don’t try to cut them off with clippers, they can crack and hurt her nails. Go to the hardware store or crafts store and get a small dremmel saw with the little sanding bits and just sand them down low for her.

As the real nail grows out she can soak the acrylic off with acetone later. Make sure u got a steady hand, but if u don’t the sander don’t hurt. And if she don’t trust u with it, tell her I’ll do it. Haha maybe I can have a secret salon cutting hair and doing nails during the shutdown haha
P.s. excuse the nappy ass chest hair, I’m not the type of dude to shave my body if I’m not going on stage, just to walk around with slick skin” – Cedric McMillan

This may not be the bodybuilding news we are used to, but who cares.

It is great to have some fun during this dark moment in our lives.

Well done to Cedric for sharing this with all his fans and friends, it definitely made us smile.