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WATCH: Kai Greene reveals clip from new film ‘Crazy Fist’.

Kai Greene has released a small clip of his new film ‘Crazy Fist’

In November 2016, published a story revealing the new film that Kai was working on and if it was actually the end of his bodybuilding career.

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According to the film is about a mixed martial arts champion is forced out of retirement for one last fight in order to unravel a major conspiracy.

Kai Greene published a small clip on his official Instagram page.

As usual, Kai was very philosophical in his explanation of the movie clip:

I’m not acting.. I’m fulfilling my inner thoughts into positive reinforcement – when I wanted to fight back – I went and became violent against my physical plateaus “ANGER” against the weights – “I ACT” my inner violence into each scene – “wow you’re a good actor kai” – however I am living each scene as if I retaliated years ago – “allow yourself to control your own uncontrollable energy because THAT will be your fuel in the PUSH… into your own limitless possibilities!!! Some of our best creators have mastered their own personal “CONTROL” ✖️ – #CRAZYFIST 👊🏾

Prominent U.S. bodybuilder Kai Greene (“Stranger Things”) stars in upcoming Chinese and American co-venture film “Crazy Fist.”

Greene is paired with a top Chinese cast including Huang Xiaoming (“Ip Man 2”), Zhao Wei (“Painted Skin,” “Red Cliff”) plus Steve Yoo (“CZ12”) and Collin Chou (“Matrix Revolutions”).

The Guo Qing-directed film is produced by Beijing Elite Arts Culture on a budget of $12 million and being sold at international markets, including the Berlin Film Festival, by Hong Kong- and Paris-based All Rights Entertainment.

As well Kai had a very successful TV debut on the very popular series Stranger Things.

As it looks the film will be full of action and hopefully it will be the beginning of bigger and better things for Kai Greene.