Deniz Saypinar's Glute Shoulder workout

Deniz Saypinar’s Glute and Shoulder workout.

Deniz Saypinar is one of the most popular Amateur Bikini athletes within the NPC.

Deniz is very close to earning her Pro status within the NPC/Pro League.

As a former IFBB Elite Pro, Deniz already established herself as one of the top bikini athletes in the world.

In her latest video on her official Instagram page, Deniz shares her Glute and Shoulder workout.

This workout can easily be done at home.

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For Cable kick back you can do it with assisting band all you need is bands and dumbells

• Banded Prone Hip Extention 4×20 –
• Banded Cross Back Lunge 4×20 –
• Bendover Cable Glute Kick Back 4×20
• Banded Dumbbell Stiff Deadlift 4×20 –
• Dumbbell Shoulder Vertical Press 4×15
• Dumbbell Fly with Front Raises 4×20 (low weight) will surely publish more great workouts by Deniz.

Deniz Saypinar's Glute workout