Jay Cutler looking huge

Jay Cutler looking huge as he visits Metroflex Gym.

For the first time since the global health crisis, Jay Cutler was able to return to training in the gym. Judging by the video he posted, he does not seem to have missed a beat.

Like the majority of the world, Jay was put out of a training facility when gyms began shutting down around the country.

Although he was able to find ways to stay active at home, there is no denying these were sub-optimal conditions to get his best workout. Nevertheless he pushed through, trying to stay in shape at home.

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Quarantine gainz

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Now that the gyms are reopening,  Cutler could not wait to get back to a traditional hardcore gym.

Jay documented his training session on his official YouTube channel as he made the trip to Metroflex Gym, in Murrieta, California

The focus of Cutler’s workout was arms.

This was Jay Cutler’s Arm Workout:

  • Row Press Downs – 12-15 reps/3 working sets
  • Machine Dips – 12 reps/3-4 sets
  • Line Dumbbell Extensions – 12 reps/4 sets
  • Reverse Straight Bar Extensions – 12 reps/3 sets
  • Seated Bicep Dumbbell Curls – 12 reps/3 sets
  • Preacher Curls – 12 reps/3 sets
  • Standing Bar Curls – 12 reps/4 sets
  • Concentration Curls – 12 reps/3 sets