WATCH: “Till today, I have never seen a perfect physique such as Matt Mendenhall”- Lee Haney.

In one of his latest interviews , 8X Mr. Olympia Lee Haney talks about his career as a professional bodybuilder.

Lee Haney talks about is life from a young child all the way till the present day.

Lee explains his life in perfect detail, plus some new details are revealed about his thoughts on certain athletes.

One bodybuilder stands out that still impresses Lee Haney till today.

Lee believes, Matt Mendenhall is a walking He-Man.

Haney, went on to say that if Matt got it together he would of been unbeatable. Even though Matt was not as successful as Lee Haney, Haney went on to say that if mother nature had to create a perfect bodybuilder, it would be Matt Mendenhall.

Till today, Lee Haney said that he has never seen a perfect physique such as Matt.

Matt Mendenhall contest history:
1978 Mr Ohio High School, 1st
1979 Teenage Mr Ohio, 3rd
1980 Teen Mr. Metropolitan, 1st and Open winner
1980 Mr. Ohio Association, 3rd
1981 Mr Cincinnati 1st,
1981 Buckeye Open, 1st
1982 NPC Nationals, 2nd
1983 NPC Nationals, 4th
1984 NPC Nationals, 2nd
1985 NPC USA Championships, 1st
1985 IFBB World Games, 2nd
1986 NPC Nationals, 2nd
1987 NPC Nationals, 10th
1988 NPC Nationals, 11th
1991 NPC Nationals, 5th