FERTILIGY – Male enhancement and vitality product review.

We always like to ensure we keep abreast of supplement news and matters, even for products that straddle the line of what we would normally look at.

However, we were extremely keen to understand where one of the latest male enhancement and vitality products fits on the scale; here we have Fertiligy, a male fertility product that would compliment anyone looking to enhance their performance (in and out of the bedroom) and obviously, looking to have a child.

Before we jump into the product review, it is important to establish a bit of background. The company behind the product is Mil-Tech Pharma, they’ve been around since 2019.

The company was established by a guy called Ben who has a bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate in sports exercise nutrition. He’s also in the army and highly involved in sport such as rugby, Nordic skiing, and is an endurance training leader. Notably, this company is also behind the Military Muscle product which is a military-safe test booster.

All-in-all, there’s a lot of credibility pushing this company and its two products forward.

You can look at their website to get a detailed view of their ethos and nutrient profile which explains why this product is the best on the market but read on to see our take on what it offers.

Key Benefits:

Libido – Naturally stimulates your libido using natural, proven ingredients in clinically formulated doses.

Sperm Health – Improves sperm motility, numbers, volume, and overall health to maximize pregnancy rates.

Testosterone – Revitalize your well-being, strength, mood, and cognitive function with a clinically recognized antioxidant profile.

During the development of Fertiligy it clearly became apparent that enhancing male virility and performance was influenced by multiple nutritional factors, as a result, there’s a large number of ingredients and clinical proven doses that is completely transparent and vegan friendly.

Does this mean it works?

They promise big results with no unwanted side effects from a product that is legal and hormone-free.

Read on for the full analysis.

Who is Fertiligy aimed at?

Couples who are trying to conceive, but more than that, it is specifically for men who are looking to improve their overall wellness, be that a reduction in stress, improved mental health, sexual function, and gym performance.


If we return to the first point, we can see this has relevance because data from The Centers for Disease Control estimate that over 16 million men in the USA alone are suffering from reduced fertility amongst millions more from around the globe. [1]

Furthermore, 40% of those surveyed in the US reported being struggling with mental health challenges including stress and anxiety which can affect male fertility. [2]

A published paper from 2018 in the journal of Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology concluded that physical exercise, psychological support, and the use of antioxidants can help prevent male infertility. [3]

You may be more familiar with the declining rates of testosterone (which are also associated with fertility decline), because nearly 40% of men in the US over the age of 45 are suffering from abnormally low testosterone levels. [4]

So, from this early stage, we can see that the team behind Fertiigy has done in-depth research to understand what the causes behind male infertility are and how best to approach them to resolve the issue.

How does it work?

As already stated, Fertiligy is a multifaceted natural supplement aimed at men who wish to improve pregnancy rates with their partners.

Research shows that there is a link between a person’s nutritional intake and their level of fertility and general health. [5]


The available data states those who consume antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals while also taking advantage of plant extracts can stimulate the sexual function and improve sperm health. [6]

On that basis, the team at Mil-Tech Pharma established (through extensive clinical research) the natural nutrients that most people were deficient in, as well as the plant extracts and naturally occurring compounds that offer the greatest effect on the endocrine system to boost vitality, testosterone, and fertility.

Furthermore, unlike many products on the market that may use a private label product to stick their own branding on, Fertiligy is a unique formula developed from the ground up, and, unlike many other products, includes those clinically proven doses to ensure it works.

You can check out the video explaining how Fertiligy works and can benefit you by clicking, here.

Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of Fertiligy:

As with many products out there, we look to establish what’s good and what’s not so good about them so you can make an informed choice whether it is the right supplement for you, so here’s the low down:


  • This is a natural product with no added hormones or banned substances included.
  • 12 clinically proven ingredients in the doses required to have an effect.
  • Transparent nutrient profile – no proprietary or ‘private label’ blends here!
  • Target’s testosterone production, well-being, and fertility.
  • Vegan-friendly by using HPMC capsules and vegan nutrients.
  • Helps relieve stress and aids sleep.
  • FREE shipping.


  • Only available online and direct from fertiligy.com
  • Shipping to USA & Canada only at the moment.
  • 7 pills daily (what did we say about those doses..?)

Fertiligy Ingredients

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and the science behind them.

Vitamin A

This antioxidant is found in vegetables such as carrots and spinach – all the good stuff we are supposed to eat daily but we often don’t. It’s great for vision, cell growth, and the immune system.

In the context of fertility, there is supporting evidence demonstrating that vitamin A helps treat fertility and reduces sperm DNA fragmentation. [7]

Vitamin D2

Unfortunately, vitamin D isn’t present in many food sources, although it is available from the sunlight. That said it is recognized that a vitamin D deficiency is prevalent across the world. [8]

Vitamin D2 is the vegan version that is extracted from fungi as opposed to D3 which originates from sheep’s wool, known as lanolin.

This vitamin is great for helping maintain strong bones and teeth, preventing disease, contributing towards testosterone secretion and research has demonstrated that vitamin D is positively associated with the following [9]:

  1. Sperm health
  2. Increased birth rates

Vitamin E

This is another antioxidant that’s great for your immune system, eyes, and skin. Then there are its beneficial effects on fertility with numerous studies showing that it improves semen quality and pregnancy rates. It is very effective when combined with vitamin A. [10]

Folic Acid

This is also known as vitamin B9 and is great for healthy red blood cell production. It’s also great for improving sperm quality and increasing sperm count for those who are clinically subfertile. [11]


A deficiency of zinc is known to reduce testosterone production, hinders the immune system, inhibit growth, and lowers sexual function.

Improving your zinc levels activates normal sperm function, germination, fertilization, and overall health. [12]


This mineral helps protect your body from oxidative damage which can reduce sperm function and overall fertility.

If you have a low level of selenium, it can affect your mood, muscle strength, and even fertility rates. This was then confirmed by a further study that identified low selenium in men who were struggling to conceive. [13] [14]

D-Aspartic Acid

This non-essential amino acid has been identified as a testosterone booster in some clinical trials, but it is highly dosed sensitive, so too much is worse than taking none. That is why Fertiligy has the 2.6g that has been specified in studies to increase sperm concentrations and pregnancy rates. [15]


A plant extract that has a wealth of uses that include reducing stress, improving testosterone levels, reducing insomnia, anxiety and improve libido.

Clearly, this packs a punch. Therefore, it is no shock to learn that over a 3-month period ashwagandha increased sperm count, volume, and motility! [16]


Another multi-purpose plant extract; fenugreek has been demonstrated in studies to reduce inflammation, blood sugar levels, and even fat mass. It is also able to increase testosterone levels and fertility which includes improved sperm count, libido, and sperm motility. [17]

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)

Another amino acid and a powerful antioxidant. NAC is considered a treatment for various disorders either as a sole agent or to be used in conjunction with others.

One of these disorders is male infertility, one particular study, when combined with selenium, saw improvements of semen quality whereas a further study noted greater volumes of sperm, plus testosterone levels increased. [18]

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

CoQ10 is able to prevent free radicals generate and modify proteins, DNA, or even lipids. What this means is that it’s a powerful antioxidant that improves energy, physical performance and the immune system. We can source this from foods such as organ meats or oily fish which aren’t to everyone’s liking. [19]

A meta-analysis of studies found that CoQ10 increased sperm concentrations and motility. [20]


This naturally occurring chemical is responsible for giving fruits their red coloring while also being a powerful antioxidant that is showing great promise in preventing cancer and other chronic illnesses. [21]

There’s evidence demonstrating that 3-12 months supplementation of lycopene is effective at improving pregnancy rates and semen quality. [22]

How to take Fertiligy

You take 7 pills every day. This seems like a lot, but they state that each dose is matched to those successful clinic trials. So, if the dose was reduced to make it more convenient, it may not be as effective.

Basically, it’s a big number of pills because it’s a massive, proven dose.


A single bottle is $79. At present, it is only available for those in the US and Canada.

This represents great value considering the number of pills per bottle (210!) for a monthly supply.

But it gets better…

The studies also highlight that for best effects, you may have to take this product for a number of months.

On that basis, there are multi-buy deals available. This means a 2-month supply is $143 and a 4-month supply is $237. This reduces the bottle price to $71.50 and $59.25 respectively.

So, is this good value for money?

We would say so. There’s very little available on the market that offers this amount of ingredients, this level of research and development nor able to offer as much for this price. It is not cheap by a long shot, but the quality is there.

Don’t forget that this price also includes any taxes. You can also use a credit card or PayPal for a convenient payment process.


US and Canadian shipping is free. That makes it quick and easy to order, and you’ll get the bottle(s) in a couple of days.

Where can I buy Fertiligy?

You can only buy online and direct from their website at FERTILIGY.com

They say on their website that this avoids the risk of any customers buying counterfeits which is a big risk these days.

This means if you buy direct, you get the best price and the genuine product.

Benefits and Effects of Fertiligy

Fertiligy provides the necessary nutrients that are proven to enhance fertility in men.

Additionally, these nutrients provide a huge antioxidant presence which protects the body against free radicals that can reduce not only your fertility but your testosterone levels.

Fertiligy works by filling the deficiencies that many people in the western world face due to poor diets based on convenience and modern processing methods which can also increase inflammation.

It also includes some plant extracts which are proven to reduce stress, anxiety and improve many health parameters.

This product only includes ingredients with a wealth of scientific backing, if there’s no clinical evidence, it simply is not included. The level of research that you, the customer, benefit from is exceptional!

Fertility is not just a male fertility product, but a male vitality supplement. Keeping all cylinders firing so you can feel more confident within yourself, less stressed, sleep better and feel better…whilst improving your sperm health to increase that pregnancy rate and conceive.

Side Effects

Fertiligy is developed for male use only, and for adults. Ensure that you have no pre-existing medical condition before taking this supplement.

We can’t offer medical advice, so if you are unsure about the product, you should run it past a medical professional.

However, all the ingredients here are naturally occurring and found in foods, the concentrations are much higher in this supplement and fill any deficiencies you probably have if you eat a typical Western diet.

There’s little risk of any adverse side effects from using Fertiligy.


All-in-all, Fertiligy is a complete solution to help stimulate the reproductive system, this includes enhancing testosterone secretion. The nutrient profile is one of the most complete we’ve ever seen.

There’s no denying what this supplement is for and who it is aimed at, but it does blur the lines between a test booster, and a male vitality stimulator.

So why should you choose Fertiligy?

We can see the level of research behind this product is second to none. As we so often see, a supplement is released and on a fist glance it appears to include some great ingredients, but then a closer look shows that the doses are not effective.

Fertiligy is different, okay, you do have to take 7 capsules per day, but that’s because the doses are at a clinical level, anything less just won’t provide the results that you are wanting.

Therefore, if you want to invest in your health, Fertiligy covers the following points:

  • Naturally stimulates fertility
  • Enhances testosterone production
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Boosts your libido

The supplement contains no animal products so is suitable for a wide range of dietary requirements, there’s no filer or hidden proprietary blends and it is manufactured in the USA within an FDA-approved facility to Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for safety assurance.

So, to summarise, if you’re wanting to enhance your fertility, this is the supplement for you.

BUY HERE for the best price.


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