Flex Wheeler gives another update

WATCH: Flex Wheeler gives another update! He is back home.

The legendary Flex Wheeler is finally back home after just over a month in hospital.

Flex unfortunately had to have a part of his right leg amputated after some complications.

Via his official Instagram and Facebook page, Flex Wheeler gave his friends and fans another update on his situation.

The multiple Arnold Classic winner tried to hide his pain during a number of appearances and 2019 Olympia Weekend.

Flex went on to explain that he could not handle the extreme any longer and finally took the decision to go through with the life changing operation.

As Flex is using a wheelchair until he recuperates 100%, he explains that life is totally different and even the task of going up his stairs is a challenge.

What is amazing about Flex is that he does say that he is comfortable at where he is now in his life and he is grateful to God to be able to continue living.

After numerous operations, we are all lucky to still have Flex with us and everybody in the bodybuilding and fitness world should be grateful.

Flex is home with his family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving and as he said eat some lasagna.

Sometimes we fall in the trap to just see the individual, especially in bodybuilding from the outside, but everybody is human and it is fantastic to witness Flex Wheeler reveal another side of himself and life in general.

Flex will be back, contributing to the bodybuilding world, and Evolutionofbodybuilding.net will surely help Flex out in any way possible.

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As with every major operation, money is needed to help pay the very expensive medical bills.

Bodybuilding superstar Dennis James has just recently started a GoFundMe account to help Flex Wheeler with his medical bills.

Whoever wishes to make a donation to help Flex Wheeler can do so by clicking HERE.


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Happy Thanksgiving

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