fighting Covid-19 Dexter Jackson

“I have been fighting Covid-19 for three weeks” – Dexter Jackson.

2008 Mr. Olympia winner Dexter Jackson has confirmed on his official social media that he has Covid-19.

Dexter has retired from competitive bodybuilding after competing for the last time at the 2020 Olympia Weekend.

The bodybuilding legend that has a record 29 victories said that Covid-19 is no joke.

Fighting Covid-19 for three weeks

From having a bad cough to sweating constantly, Dexter has been locked inside his home for three weeks.

With the 2020 Olympia Weekend taking place just about three weeks ago, it seems that Dexter might have got infected during the Olympia Weekend or just afterwards.

With Dexter confirming he is infected; it would not be a surprise if other athletes come forward confirming that they also have Covid-19. wish Dexter a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see him training again.